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  1. Idk anymore. Looking at one maxpreps shows yes, the other shows no. Standing show Academy hasn’t lost but scores show they have a loss and even on hoopinsider is shows them undefeated in standings but a loss in the games. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. But is 1-1 in district vs. Franklin. Fridays game between them will be a good one.
  3. Technically the division changed. Lol
  4. Carthage will be this regions daddy.
  5. Scared? Very likely not. But there isn’t a coach in region 3 that isn’t hoping/wanting Carthage to stay in region 2 and vice versa.
  6. Anyone else notice Gilmer had Kinne has all time great? Dude played ten games at Gilmer. Lol
  7. Four good playoff teams. After that district drops significantly.
  8. Lol. Ok. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Whether they assume or not. Carry on bud.
  9. Teachers know what they are getting into when they become one. Same with coaches. Have seen some former coaches try to sue the school for back pay. Lol. Sit down with that. You CHOSE to be a teacher/coach. Want to make more more? Chose a different profession.
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