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  1. Donkey Stomped them puppies! Trust me North Shore is very little of the things mentioned above. It is a very blue collar area where kids live with one parent or the other or in many cases they live with neither. Yes we have some nice facilities. But there are others around us that have just as nice or nicer in some cases. What they don't have is the All In winning culture that we do.
  2. 2020 NS 55-14 2019 NS 54-25 2018 NS 56-7
  3. And that was with our starters not even playing an entire half of football. It would in United's best intrest to stay in 5A.
  4. Channelview had a very small window with Jalen Hurts. And as good as he was he couldn't do it by himself. Now with that window closed and nailed shut Channelview's goal every season is not finishing last. They are a 6A school with 5A-D2 or 4A roster.
  5. I once drove just over the border to Louisiana to watch North Shore vs. Port Arthur. Yeah mapquest gave me wrong directions. Furthest trip would be Houston to Dallas in 2018 and 2019 for North Shore's two championship wins.
  6. Just wish my account would get unbanned on there. Got banned back I think around mid season or so and it was never lifted. Don't know if I reported a wrong score or what. Probably just create a new login.
  7. North Shore and Shadow Creek in Manvel should be a good one. A lot of D1 talent on both teams. Both will be breaking in new QBs as well.
  8. Ya'll don't call them West Broke no more?
  9. BG is one of the chillest guys I've ever met.
  10. Unless they decided to change things up North Shore will scrimmage Houston Memorial.
  11. Been quite a while since my team got its arse whipped!🤣
  12. I remember North Shore playing Central there one year and the Central fans booing the North Shore band at halftime. One of the funniest things I've ever seen at a football game.
  13. Gonna welcome like the old days by lighting the marsh on fire!🤣
  14. It could be. We seem to be having some serious competition at quarterback. A couple guys have already transferred to other schools.
  15. For me its Shadow Creek or Westfield. We've got a long history with Westfield going all the way back to the early 2000's.
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