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  1. The dropped punt was a big turning point. Nederland was still behind but had the momentum. Not saying they would have won because Silsbee was the better team Friday. I just think Nederland could have stole it. Big Ned needs to execute. Blocking is sub par. I cant comment on the play calling. No one can. There is a lot going on, on the sidelines that us mortal fans don't know about. Monte is lacking a few leaders out there. Thank the lord we have a week off. Congrats Silsbee. They came to play.
  2. O line is the a difference maker. I noticed the RB's tip toeing up to the line and then breaking on a lot of plays. Which means one or two things. They're timid or there's no hole. I believe it's the latter.
  3. If they were playing in Orange I would give the edge to WOS. In Newton, its going to be close. I think WOS pulls it out on the final drive.
  4. I think HF will give EC all they want this year. Still give the edge to the Bucs.
  5. I hope Nederland has a good week of practice, because they will need it. I think the OL will open holes up a little better than they did against BU. That will be the key. If they can run on Silsbee then that will open Fuselier up and give that QB a break. On defense, they have to get better at open field tackling. If they don't, it's going to be another long night. Going with a slight advantage to the Dogs. Home turf you know. Supposed to rain all week.
  6. I knew Nederland didn’t have a chance being down by 2 scores. First half was a defensive, penalty ridden battle. The pick six was a huge mistake by the quarterback as well as the first interception. BU made the right changes after the half. They will making a lot of noise as the season goes on . Ned will be fine. Like someone said before, seen to many 1-2, 0-3 starts and turn out with good playoff runs.
  7. Going to be a good one. Sticking with the dogs. They were slow out of the gate last week. Can't afford to spot BU 14 points as they did WOS. Hope they get the rust out there heads. I think Monte will have them prepared. Looking forward to see what those young RB's will do on turf. The "Butch" is always a good venue. Being on a Thursday night, will be interesting to see what kind of crowd it will be. I think it will be good night for HS football.
  8. Heck of a game for week one. Great plays on both sides. Mistakes were made. Even the Refs.
  9. weather bulletin; Radar shows a small cell over 21st and Detroit in Nederland.
  10. Nederlands balance attack prevails in this one.
  11. Takes for ever to get here and is over before you know it.
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