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  1. Nederland loves being the underdog. Not to many off years in row.
  2. Pretty sure they have to update the press box.
  3. I think Vidors field was ready after the 2nd week of the season.
  4. Forgot about track. Hope everything goes in ok.
  5. Common sense won't be tolerated.
  6. Cornel is gaining momentum. His eyes are squinting. His teeth are gritting. Silsbee can't afford any mistakes.
  7. Good job BH. You represented the district very well. Scoring 35 points on these guys says a lot. The way that area of Houston is growing, I see Manvel moving up pretty soon. Getting out of our hair.
  8. There's not too many teams in SE Texas that don't have a mental roadblock with Manvel.
  9. Just don't bend to much in the first half. Your coach knows what he's up against. Containing will be the key on defense.
  10. If Barbers Hill plays their game (balanced) they can win. You have to play all 4 quarters. Marvel will have to make a few mistakes though. Go Eagles!
  11. Good season Crosby. Represented the district well.
  12. Get the playoff deal. $30 something. May want to use google crome.
  13. Keep on what you guys have been doing all year and you will take this one. Go Eagles.
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