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  1. Gas prices were over 4.00 gallon when Bush was in office. You guys did not complain.
  2. %1%24s&
  3. There are more white people on welfare, there are also conservatives receiving "entitlements ". Who came up with social security, Medicare and Medicaid?
  4. Reallly dude. Trump took a reporter's press pass. A judge ruled that it was unconstitutional.
  6. What topic? If someone asks an idiotic question, i usually ignore the person.
  7. Didnt he take a pic with a member of the Proud Boys
  8. They are declining because employers are requiring that their employees receive the vaccinations.
  9. Yes, a good friend of mine died. I dont know anyone who has died from receiving the vaccination.
  10. Monoclonal antibodies used for the treatment of Covid 19 is new technology. It has been a treatment optkon for less than a year
  11. Trump was vaccinated in Feb. At one of his recent rallies he told people to get vaccinated and he was booed
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