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  1. D1 does not care where you play or if you made all district. They look at measurables- size, growth potential, family background (any of your family members play D1), etc... These are things they can't coach.
  2. Yes. they are a member of the Southland Conference. Emerson Haywood and Jace Davis from GCM are there now as freshmen.
  3. Southlake Carroll Westlake Both teams loaded with Jr's and Sophs. Might even have a re-match of this year's game depending on Lake Travis.
  4. Great season Crosby. I apologize. My wife may have been the problem. She was at the Sterling State Title game in '72 and we went today. Proud to have started her teaching career at CISD in 1987. Great memories of Cougar football. Today was no exception.
  5. Lamar is getting a good one in Roberts. Earle is just crazy good too.
  6. Maybe the same reason Carter transferred out this year.
  7. He needs apartments in Mt Belvieu to recruit better and the BH Education Foundation just blocked those efforts by purchasing the future construction site of some apartments.
  8. This is literally the definition of shooting "Lights Out".
  9. Tickets purchased. See yall Friday.
  10. All it takes is one defensive play to change the outcome of the game.
  11. Can you only buy tickets via Ticket Master on Monday @ 1:00 PM?
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