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  1. Sterling had the ball on the 5 yd line with less than a minute left to play. Could not score.
  2. So close. I heard the Patriot fans showed up in droves. Seems like some things never change.
  3. Friday, October 1st Port Arthur Memorial (1-0) at Goose Creek Memorial (0-1) 7:00 PM, Stallworth Stadium Ross S Sterling (1-0) at Friendswood (0-1) 7:00 PM, Henry Winston Stadium rel (1-0) at La Porte (0-1) 7:00 PM, Bulldog Stadium
  4. Quite clear now that GCM is not real good. Kind of disappointed, but at least the Lee vs Sterling game could have that Old School feel this year with possible playoff implications.
  5. Not many (if any) wins left on the schedule.
  6. Halftime scores: GCM 0 Ball 14 rel 14 Friendswood 7
  7. Game is at Friendswood so obviously not Homecoming. For Sterling at least.
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