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  1. FINAL RSS 2 LP 3 I believe the loss eliminates RSS from playoff contention.
  2. RSS vs La Porte was moved up to a 5:00 start for RSS' Prom. Weather may move it until tomorrow.
  3. That's just silliness. Of course an AD has more responsibilities than a campus coordinator. However, an AD with 1 HS, 1 (Maybe 2) JHs, and 3 or 4 elementary schools does not come close to what an AD in GCCISD is responsible for. For that reason alone, the campus coordinators are expected to control what happens on their campus and to some extent their 2 feeder JHs. The ultimate decision, as expected, ALWAYS belongs to the AD. It's called a chain of command. Juat like you don't call the Superintendent if your kid gets a D Hall- there is a process in place. As far as the money goes, you p
  4. Final ReL 2 RSS 6 Saturday Final (9 innings) Rss 0 Manvel 1
  5. You can parse words, but each high school campus has two coordinators/ADs. They do more than just push paper on campus.
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