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  1. Per Matt Stepp: BREAKING LaPorte HC Jackson Tarr has resigned his post, LaPorte is open #txhsfb @dctf
  2. He saw it was time to move on and semi-retired. He went and coached as an assistant with his son. Now I think he is fully retired.
  3. After a few years of stability with Bret Boyd, the Patriots will be on their 4th coach since opening in 2008. Bret Boyd 2008-2015 Bren Jones 2016-2018 Shannon Carter 2019-2021
  4. COVID, injuries, opt outs. Down to 38 players. Below the SEC roster minimum. Might just need a few 12th Men.
  5. Crosby, Sterling, GCM 10 a year for 23 years. Since my wife retired, I go for the 1st half at least.
  6. Maybe we did not know. Most people on a sports forum tend to talk only about the sports side. Do you think there is another reason? Congratulations to him and all of the other athletes for taking care of their business in the classroom.
  7. The coaches I know at North Shore say he's a real good kid. He just needs to mature a little. When he does, he's as good as they come.
  8. So I would just enter the portal. There's no penalty. If you want to prevent "destruction" stop allowing buyouts of coaching contracts.
  9. 12/3 is the UIL 3 Week grade check. I did not think you could lose eligibility at a 3 week progress reporting period, only regain eligibility.
  10. That seems odd considering their 6 weeks grading period ends on 12/17.
  11. Maybe stop throwing the ball when the game is out of reach. Then they might shake your hands.
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