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    "A true philosopher is a seeker after truth, but truth is not found in human wisdom. Christ is the answer, the answer to philosophy." - JVM


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  1. https://www.tylercountybooster.com/index.php/news/2648-cisd-supt-submits-resignation-request?fbclid=IwAR3r2C_1Nv0Pgejh3_sVbUyl0GxVvq6L5cSDtRJX8TfeN6Er6z2qmgIcA4s
  2. Lol, you can not take dumb out of West Hardin, so they cant play smart either.....Lovelady rolls....
  3. After watching Antifa last night, now I know why the two witnesses in Revolutions are going to have to burn people up!
  4. Having a coach who Is not getting paid by the school, and has connections to the reason why the the starting QB and WR moved in for “academic” reasons is the problem. They may have crossed all i’s and dotted all the t’s with the move ins but not with the coach who is making a movie (not a lie) about the whole situation. https://www.uiltexas.org/policy/constitution/athletics/overview
  5. They moved from Colorado to Mt vernon for academic reasons?
  6. I am messing up all sort of quotes myself. How much do you think those Mt V kids going and acting fools at the Jefferson vs Hugh Springs game made the fence sitters about Briles (within the other districts) say we are not playing this game no more?
  7. There is this powder keg in Mt Vernon and all the people who should be wanting this powder keg wet and no matches around it are pouring gas around it as the light matches.
  8. Smoaky being a big Baylor guy pulled the plug
  9. It was getting so hot on Smoaky.com it suddenly went into update mode and nobody can even get on the sight. By the way who is the “they” people?
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