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  1. Huffman vs Vidor (West Hardin HS Gym) Monday night @ 6:00 PM
  2. Tickets for Huffman vs Vidor FB game.
  3. You do realize there was no "article" about the HH head coach saying "Livingston beating Lumberton was a Fluke" ?

    1. raideroldtimer


      Nope, just repeating what others said about some after game interview. After all, isn't that how stuff starts on the interwebs? 😉 😆 

  4. I was once introduced to him as 'WOSGrad". Really the only way I knew him. I received e-mails from him asking for our football preview, and he was also nice about it. You will be missed, RIP and prayers for your family.
  5. HUFFMAN-HARGRAVE FALCONS 2021 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE # Aug. 12 Caney Creek (H) 6:30 # Aug. 19 HAMSHIRE-FANNET (H) 6:30 Aug. 27 Liberty (Football Senior Night) (H) 7:00 Sept. 3 Concordia Lutheran (A) 7:00 Sept. 10
  6. U of H Softball if not hosting any playoff games, grass field and they have already started killing the rye grass out.
  7. Liberty wins 10-0 in game two to wrap up the series and await the winner of Huffman and Lake Belton
  8. 4A - Huffman Hargrave vs. Lake Belton All games at Davis Diamond (Texas A&M) MOVED to Navasota HS Gm 1 - Wednesday, 6:00 pm Gm 2 - Thursday, 7:30 pm Gm 3 - Saturday, 2:00 pm
  9. Huffman: LB Caleb Pierson #3 (UTPB), OL Zach Pitts #65 (Howard Payne)
  10. Updated standings: H-J 8-0 Huffman 6-2 Liberty 5-2 Livingston 3-5 Splendora 3-5 H-F 1-6 Shepherd 0-6
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