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  1. 2013-14. That team was beyond loaded and i’d agree best team sends then. Crazier thought is the Ozen team from the same year wouldn’t be too far behind. Imagine United then.
  2. Yep, next 3 years should be very good for the Lady Cougars.
  3. Big congrats goes to Buna for winning the district championship tonight!
  4. 1. 2016-17 WO-S was fun to watch. 2. Eagle Stadium (Allen) Wiuld also like to catch a game in Refugio 3. The concession stand 4. If done right, sometimes they seem too much. 5. Hutto Hippos immediately comes to mind. 6. Beaumont United 7. One very few know, but not letting trick plays have the ball thrown away. Only the receiver is the snap can throw the ball away so on say a HB pass he will have to eat yards no matter what if there is pressure on him. If not it is intentional grounding. 8. Any school from Louisiana. Just a breath of fresh air. 9. I think both should happen regardless of school size. So you can have spring practice and the extra week. 10. Yes 11. Like WOSGRAD stated i’d like to see it done like the UIL basketball tournament is done. 12. Allen
  5. Don’t wont to misreport final but Oranfefield took it by 5.
  6. 28-20 Orangefield. 3rd Quarter starting in 2 minutes.
  7. Buna shot the ball really well, that had more to do with it than any one player playing or not playing.
  8. I’m excited to watch them in person. I think it’s very close between Cryer and Mark. Dickinson could play with everyone before football, i’d assume they are even better now.
  9. I think Morton Ranch poses United the biggest threat. This is a loaded year, per usual, in Region III for 6A. They will all beat each other up before Duncanville even gets a shot at anyone.
  10. This united team is the best team from BMT since the 14-15 Central Jaguars and 14-15 Ozen Panthers. They have the size and length of the central team and Kasen gives them some the guard play that Ozen team had. Not sure they are better overall as either of those two teams. Time will tell with that. Overall it will be an amazing year for the Timberwolves.
  11. I think once Zaire Williams gets back in December SC could play with them. Williams, Boston, Bailey, and Frank matchup with any top 4 any team will bring. Wade, Odom, and the big guy would have to step up their games in the matchup.
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