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  1. I think Morton Ranch poses United the biggest threat. This is a loaded year, per usual, in Region III for 6A. They will all beat each other up before Duncanville even gets a shot at anyone.
  2. This united team is the best team from BMT since the 14-15 Central Jaguars and 14-15 Ozen Panthers. They have the size and length of the central team and Kasen gives them some the guard play that Ozen team had. Not sure they are better overall as either of those two teams. Time will tell with that. Overall it will be an amazing year for the Timberwolves.
  3. I think once Zaire Williams gets back in December SC could play with them. Williams, Boston, Bailey, and Frank matchup with any top 4 any team will bring. Wade, Odom, and the big guy would have to step up their games in the matchup.
  4. I agree, they got to find a way to make 6 team districts work on the lower levels especially. The beatdowns some of the 4 seeds take in 4a down would be reduced.
  5. wouldn’t say i’m tryna blame “privilege”. In all metro areas of this state, and i’m sure other states as well, usually the less wealthier schools are not as good. I’m not even sure what the difference is i’m this case. I’m assuming BU averages out to be less though.
  6. What’s the average salary of a BU household compared to WB household? I thinks that’s as big an issue as anything else.
  7. I think Jeffcoat and and Bryan Whitmire at Buna both could be mentioned up there with other guys as far as X’s and O’s goes. Two teams who no matter the talent will always be prepared. Whitmire just led Buna through some of its best basketball years since the 60s btw.
  8. Started a true 5 Guard lineup but all of them could defend. Jalin Hart and Brandon Etienne, who both knew how to put the ball in the basket, rounded out the starting 5 with the guys you listed above. Brandon Green used to show up to AAU practices with a weight vest on under his hoodie. Wasn’t fun being guarded by him.
  9. Are you not familiar with Compare and Contrast. No one is comparing Art Briles to a murderer. We are going to hold him accountable for covering up rape and rape allegations for the sake of winning football games. Get a grip.
  10. It was played last night. 22-22 was the correct final score. I’m not sure why it ended in a tie though.
  11. You should see his dad lol Community’s program after some down years, will be on the upswing. Maybe won’t see those results this year but in the years to come scores will start looking like 2012, 2013 and 2014.
  12. and if he decides to play, he could be a heavy contributor on the basketball team as well.
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