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  1. Considering the school he was coaching at I think he did a really good job. Maybe LCM should hire a coach that runs the Slot T. It would be a good offense for them.
  2. This and the fact players were negatively recruiting telling recruits not to come here. There’s more to this then is let out I believe. Herman became very cocky and arrogant and a little birdie told me he had pretty much lost the locker room.
  3. With Crosby’s speed on Defense, they won’t allow some of the big runs LH scored on against Pioneer. Crosby need to study a lot of film and figure out they key read to look for where the ball is going. My nephew played for LH 4 years ago. It took a little while to catch on but there is a key to this offense to locate the ball. I’m not going to tell you because Crosby needs to put in the work to figure it out. If they do they can win this pretty handedly
  4. FBM is way over rated. Nederland takes this one.
  5. I want to know where the hell that team last night has been all year. Granted FBM wasn’t what they have been but, if PNG had played like that all year we probably would have been District Champs.
  6. I mean Texas City put up 60 on us and we were predicted to win by 20.
  7. Yea, considering next week they actually play a very good team and will probably give up 70.
  8. I’m an old high school friend. Do you know how he passed?

    1. SmashMouth


      It’s my understanding he had leukemia. Just found out and was sent to MD Anderson. That’s all I knew til my son texted me from school telling me he didn’t make it. 

    2. Coach85


      Thank you very much. We hung around together in High School. I had heard he was sick but didn’t know from what. Thanks again.

  9. Zeke Elliot is the most over paid over hyped, not just RB but player, in the NFL. He had maybe two good years and the extension came with huge money. He sucks. I would much rather see Pollard in the backfield. Zeke picks up ten yards and does that stupid feed me more crap and they give it to him again and he fumbles. If I was the head coach I wouldn’t feed him more, I’d treat him like a red headed step child and let him starve and keep him on the side lines. If forced to play him, I would fine him 2 million for every fumble and 1 million for every yard lost. He’s the highest payed RB he should
  10. Because Texanlive uses PNG’s WIFI to stream the game.
  11. PNG”s WIFI SUCKS!!!! I have missed half the first half because it was either replaying the same play over and over or it was buffering. PNG need to update to the modern age.
  12. Most of the Port Neches people grew up in Groves.
  13. I had the privilege of coaching this young man in junior league. He is a special young man and is a very special athlete.
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