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  1. It seems like Guadeloupe Flores puts in for every available coaching job that comes open around here. I know I’ve seen his name on numerous list .
  2. Why can't they use Prather field at the high school for soccer. It's not like the football field is something special to play on.
  3. I know the two juniors you are talking about and one was pulled up for the Sulphur tournament and didn't last an inning. I know he was just a sophomore and I know he can pitch but, that is what I am saying they need to step up a prove themselves. I heard he pitched really well during the summer and fall and I hope he does well at the next level in high school.
  4. Besides what I just said they only had three starters last year. One senior and two juniors. Rogers was the senior and Curtis and Roc were the juniors and most of the time those three threw a complete game,
  5. There are only two proven varsity pitchers back this year. That is why I said some of the younger kids need to step up. I know this team very well, my son played last year. They will be solid in the field and at the plate but, they will need some of the JV kids that will move up to prove themselves.
  6. Unless some younger kids step up they will be short on pitching. But that’s about it as for were they are lacking. They will be strong every where else
  7. If McCarthy can't bring in his own guys he more then likely will not accept the job, if offered, unless he is really that desperate to get back in and doesn't have any other offers.
  8. Don’t be surprised if Kellen Moore is the next head coach. What kind of coach that has a proven pedigree would want to come in to Dallas and not have total control of his coaching staff and team. Dallas is not going to get a dynamic coach with Jerry there.
  9. Jones has probably had talks with other coaches but none of them will agree to be a yes man to Jerry. Most of the ones who are potential candidates are very head strong coaches and would not want Jerry's input on how to run the team. So unless Jerry finds a guy willing to just be on the sidelines to look like a coach we may have to suffer through having Garrett again.
  10. With Robinson signing today, there maybe some 4 and 5 stars that have an offer from Texas but haven’t committed or are leaning somewhere else that might follow him. It might be just what UT needs to get those other high ranking recruits they are after.
  11. Chad Morris is available now.
  12. I knew when I had the chance to coach this young man his 9-11 years this young man was going to be something special. He is not only a special talent but a great human being.
  13. If it were me, when Whittington came back, I would bring in the triple option as part of my offensive scheme.
  14. Per Tom Herman, Shug will remain at RB the remainder of the season. They will reevaluate his position at the end of the season.
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