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  1. They’ve already made them. They are talked about in this thread. Wake up dude.
  2. You are right about Liberty Hill. I had a nephew play football for them a couple of years ago, and a niece and nephew play soccer for them. The work ethic the have not many schools around here can duplicate. They take pride not only in sports but academics as well. BH is growing extremely fast and that can cause a school district a lot of headaches. But with the property taxes that BH has, and they keep rising, middle income families, where most of your athletes come from, can’t afford to move there so they have to take what they can get. Liberty Hill does not have that issue.
  3. No disrespect to Walker at Liberty Hill but Jerry Vance is the coach who turned LH into the program it is now. Walker has done a great job of maintaining it.....FYI Jerry Vance was in the hat when PNG hired Fairclothe.
  4. Coach Carter is a great man. I am very glad my son had the privilege to play for him. Those that talk bad about the man don’t truly know him. He is all about the kids he is coaching. He challenges them constantly makes them work, something some of these kids don’t know how. If you want it he will he will reward you. If you go half a__ and don’t put in the work and expect to play just because of who you are. Well, less just say you will need a pad for your butt because you will have a lot of pine time.
  5. Can someone please update this? I am unable to keep up with it like I usually do.
  6. Yeah it’s a familiar name to the area. Nelson has coach in Beaumont before. He has a losing record so it’s the perfect fit for the types of coaches Jackson hires.
  7. Just heard PNG just got a new DC. Haven’t heard who are where from yet. But, I will find out and give out details.
  8. Because that’s the way Jackson rolls. Nelson has coached in Beaumont before. Jackson will not go with someone he doesn’t know.
  9. All he could do is push for disaster relief and that’s already been done. He can’t go and work on power lines or generators or fix busted pipes. Oh, wait, he can go help pour water on the already frozen windmills and solar panels the dumba__ libs are saying they want to start using for our powers sources.
  10. Well, considering Cruz is neither an electrician or plumber or construction worker. What the hell is he supposed to do for us in this mess. Gov. Abbott is the person that makes the final decisions on what to do to get Texas up and going again. These local leaders know what they need to do and how they need to do it. Abbott and the Texas Congress committees go after the power services for not being prepared and not having a backup plan. So what the hell is wrong Cruz taking a little vacation with his daughters. What do you think Cruz should be doing? Especially since he’s been dealing with a bu
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