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  1. Let AB try his crap in NE with Belchick. His arse will be out of there faster then it got there. The first thing he will see when he gets there is the inside of Belchick's office with him reading the riot act.
  2. Prayers for the young man and his family for a full recovery.........Didn’t they life flight another young man a couple of years or so ago out of Lumberton?
  3. Why is West Brook vs United on a Thursday? If you ask me that should be on a Saturday so anyone in the Golden Triangle can go watch. If it shapes up to be the game I think it will, to hell with Lamar, this will be a really good game to spend a Saturday at the Butch.
  4. Just saw where Whittington is out for 6 weeks.
  5. He is still listed as the 3rd QB on the depth chart released yesterday and my sources tell me this is just temporary at RB. Him going in at RB is in worst case scenario. Although he might see some time this weekend because Ingram is battling a slight knee sprain and Whittington is battling some flare ups from a hernia surgery he had in high school.
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