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  1. Who is #11 for Silsbee? Always plays a good game.
  2. Looking at the bracket, I’ll tell you who they play after I go back to college for an advanced engineering degree.
  3. Aldine started off strong with 13 points in the first half. Must have gone cold in the second half with only 5 points.
  4. Kountze transferred to Silsbee. Silsbee transferred to United. United transferred to HF. Now HF will win state.
  5. With the best freshmen playing on Varsity last season, I expected the freshman team to not be very good. I was wrong. They were still very impressive. Not sure if they even had a close game. This group is deep.
  6. Can someone please blockout James Jones. He has 98 rebounds
  7. Just stop the two Jones’ from Wharton and you win by 20
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