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  1. Just my opinion....There have been a lot of great players in Silsbee. Bush is the best I have ever seen.
  2. Yes...they want to see if they can beat us by 30, 40, or more.
  3. No advertising needed. Local place across from the prison.
  4. Cmon....I want to go to Mr Hamburger in Huntsville this weekend
  5. Wait....I thought Yates was playing HJ?? That thread is still going
  6. If Silsbee, HJ, United, or any other SE team had these 6’8” transfers, I’m sure we would be defending our team just like the Yates fans. Nothing will change until the UIL follows the rules. It usually comes down to following the $ to find the issue.
  7. If it has already been asked in one of the previous 6387 post...sorry. Are the four 6’8” senior transfers from the Houston area?
  8. But at least HJ would let Yates know there is another team in the gym.
  9. They have a fairly new high school with a nice gym.
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