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  1. Kilgore will beat Lindale in the rematch, give it a couple weeks.
  2. Anybody taking bets on HJ or HF for the DC? Don’t forget about HH they got a kid that is a crazy shooter.
  3. Check this out.,tx)/basketball/default.htm I wasn’t there but I heard this dude #10 Jacob Harvey had an outstanding performance. It might look like a personal highlight reel but it kinda is.
  4. Yes, he’s not very tall but he uses his big body very well around the basket.
  5. 90-60 final HJ with some showtime dunk attempts at the end vs the reserves 1 for 3 on the dunk count.
  6. HJ pounding big #22 down low every time now, Pirates fading but a much better effort and improvement over the first 2 games. 70-48 6:21 left
  7. Some Vidor starters having to sit, foul trouble. HJ extends the lead 65-46 end of 3.
  8. HJ plays very physical and the refs are allowing it, Vidor trying to match their physicality but getting fouls again. 56-44 HJ 3:37 in the 3rd qtr
  9. And #2 walks up and drains a 3 53-44 timeout 4:52 3rd
  10. 44-36 HJ at halftime If the boys would have played like this last game we might have had a chance but this looks like a completely different Pirate team out here. We’ll see if they can keep it going after the break.
  11. Pirates wearing down and fouls pilling up but the reserves are coming in and doing a good job. Playing well, hanging tough 37-30 HJ 2:19 to halftime.
  12. Long 4 mins lots of fouls and free throws HJ making more. 34-30 Hawks 2:45
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