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  1. Dang you hit it right on the money. What are the winning loto numbers?
  2. Oh I must have mistaken your comment as to them being overrated.
  3. Trending upward relative to where they were starting from, maybe so.
  4. They may not have mowed the grass for several weeks in anticipation of this. Use some old Bulldog tactics.
  5. Man if you're asking me about coaches I go with Jeff Mathews 10/10 over just about anybody but I don't know anything about the Jasper coach, I'm sure he's a fine man. As far as the Xs and Os go, Coach Mathews lets his coordinators handle it for the most part now days. He built the program and has everything rolling like a well oiled machine. He's there to provide motivation and wisdom... and yell at the refs lol but I know the kids love the guy.
  6. It might flood for real, doesn't HF play in a cow pasture?
  7. I'm going to say it's a low scoring game, possibly even OT. Pirates win late 20-14
  8. Dang is every WOS game this season going to be in jeopardy for one reason or another?
  9. Carthage could have played Vidor if they wanted to. The offer was on the table and I think they were supposed to play LCM but the hurricane took that one. Anyhow, good luck Friday night! It should be a good one.
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