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  1. Honestly I thought Crosby had some playmakers but bad coaching and undisciplined. We had PNG I thought they were alright but definitely not up to their own standards. BH is just a well rounded, well coached team that doesn’t beat themselves.
  2. Gonna be a good matchup when you guys get together. When do y’all play each other?
  3. Well... thank you guys for playing like crap then. 🤷‍♂️
  4. We’ll have to step up our game then, we’ve only been eating Cougars...
  5. You have a good QB, a couple of shifty backs and receivers but I think you guys won up front. Bh started to control the line of scrimmage on both sides as the game wore on. Y’all have some big boys up front, what are you feeding them over there?
  6. Anybody catch the bagpipe playing cop at the Hwy 90 railroad tracks on the way out. We left the game and drove past as he started playing. Went across town to pick up our kid and when we came back through he was still playing. Man he’s got a set of lungs, must have been blowing those bagpipes for a good hour straight.
  7. I can’t argue with the results of the last few games, most of the time he doesn’t have time.
  8. We ran out of Quirantees lol but the complaint then was they couldn’t throw. Now we have a thrower and aren’t passing it. Not sure if we have an answer for that this year but I do know losing our QB to another school after he worked as the starter all offseason hurt. Hell he was the QB in Junior high, Freshman, JV and Varsity the last few games last year. So that will set you back when you invest that much time in a player and then have to ask one of your DBs to step in last second and take over. We still have a good shot at the playoffs and the kid at QB will give it his all for this team, I actually think he’s playing well given the situation.
  9. We looked good in the first 3 games this year but the last 3 oh boy. Not sure If it’s just tougher defenses or teams have figured something out. The Santa Fe game is what got me worried, I know the weather sucked but dang everybody is hanging points on them. Plus we had the ball deep in their territory multiple times and couldn’t do anything with it.
  10. They are really playing hard but nobody is playing both ways this year that I know of. A couple guys playing both sides of the ball from time to time might be required if we find ourselves in desperation for a playoff spot. Like next week and the week after and the week after that. We have to win out I think unless it comes down to a three way tie point differential situation with Nederland and Crosby. Still have to beat Lee and Dayton but a win at Nederland next week sure would help.
  11. Kneeling it 21-7 BH good night y’all safe travels
  12. On Vidor for a bunch of yardage to the 23 BH can run it out
  13. Run right that’s close 1st down clock stops to set the chains Vidor letting it run
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