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  1. Buna has a good team, they can shoot. A couple of guys you better guard when they cross half court and their coach looks exactly like Tony Romo.
  2. I believe the Pirates will have 4 all district players returning next season. 55, 79, 11, 12
  3. Vidor is well represented. Defense: 4 first team - #25 DE, #11 OLB, #24 ILB, #20 CB 1 second team - #12 S 1 newcomer of the year - #55 NG Offense: 3 first team - #3 RB, #79 OT, #53 OG
  4. Found 12-5A on Pigskin Prep. List doesn’t have honorable mentions though.
  5. Anybody got a link to the local 5a all district team? Post all of the local districts here if you want.
  6. New to the district but it seems like a lot of the better programs in 4A are D2 so wouldn’t you think some of them would opt up to play in D1?
  7. Excited but if it’s just a 5 team district then district play won’t mean much but win one and you’re in. I am interested to see what our pre-district schedule might look like and of course a playoff run but now I’m putting the cart way before the horse. Should be fun though.
  8. Vidor won 54-47 final. A much better showing for the Pirates after the BC debacle, HF has some athletes.
  9. Wow now that would be crazy, I like all of those scenarios. Would be a great way to send our Seniors off with a lot of success. We’ve got a good group of kids and parents that have been together since flag. I bet our pre-district schedule would be tough, probably still going to want to play Nederland and PNG. Would love to see them renew some old local rivalries like Lumberton and BC.
  10. Strong Senior class next season after that there could be a decline but theoretically we could go 1-10 and still make the playoffs every year. I like our chances lol, it will be good playing LCM in district again and beating Livingston in district again but I’ve never seen Vidor play either of the other two schools in football.
  11. That’s it 5 teams, everybody makes the playoffs but 1 team?
  12. Yes all that and Vidor played like 💩 in the 1st qtr, got down 15-0 before coming back to make a game of it.
  13. These two videos together might just break the internet...
  14. Throw your V’s up! Guy had D1 potential but ended up taking a D2 scholly after a random drug test said he was pregnant...
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