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  1. You still can't transfer schools and immediately be eligible to play football can you? Now if the season is pushed back, that may be a game changer.
  2. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football agrees with you. 1. Vidor 2. HH 3. LCM 4. Lumberton 5. Splendora 6. Livingston Interestingly enough, they have Vidor ranked as the #24 team in the state in 4AD1.
  3. I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here because Vidor has been to the playoffs several times recently. Are you talking about making a run deep into the playoffs? The only playoff success we’ve had recently was the Montana Quirante led teams. I believe those squads made it to 2nd and 3rd round games. This years team will be there and I expect them to win a game or two.
  4. Good to see the kiddo get some preseason recognition.😉 Could be a special Senior season for the boys, I know for a fact they have put in the hard work and dedication since the STJFL days.
  5. Yea it was hard to take away anything from that scrimmage, nobody really got anything going. I know we had a long PI call that set them up for a score later in the game. With this one being the 1st game of the year we may see another defensive battle, I'm betting on a low scoring game.
  6. The Blue Wave defense, seems appropriate no? The Blue Woke defense, that's it! That's what we're calling them.
  7. I see... Blue Force defense. How bout dat? Sounds too much like cops.
  8. We can't have any walls either.. Damn this is getting hard.
  9. oh shoot... chain gang ain't gonna work no more but I think you nailed it. We'll call them, the guys on the sidelines with the down markers.
  10. Montana Quirante had that physical speed man lol!
  11. No posse's, no chains, no gangs. Can't have any of that now days. But you can have Blue Links.
  12. I prefer the "Thin Blue Line" defense, why don't you go with that? It doesn't sound very intimidating, which I think is exactly what you're going for. Vidor had the thin blue line going down the middle of their helmets a few years ago, I thought that was a nice gesture.
  13. It's so easy to explain if you just think of it this way. It's like a riddle, wrapped up in an enigma, inside a conundrum... but really strong.. and fast.
  14. Yea we gave the Nederland game away late and the PNG game too for that matter. The scrimmage with Silsbee last year was just about a stalemate, I think Vidor had a slim lead until the backups got in. Our defense played great last year but wore down late in several games when the offense struggled to keep the ball moving. You should see a completely different offense if things work out with the new/old QB coming back and the defense has returners at all key positions except linebacker, we lost some good'ns. But I'm telling you right here, right now... the key to this game will be, PHYSICAL SPEED!
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