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  1. I hope Vidor picks it up and figures it out the second half of the season, they only beat BC and WOS the first time around.
  2. Found this nice little 3 run dinger, Pirates were able to do some damage but not enough to make up for their mistakes and I agree with the post above.
  3. Cleanup hitter leads off the bottom half of the 4th inning for the Pirates. Hard groundout to second, 1 down. Slow grounder to third, he’s safe beat it out by a step. 1 on 1 out, foul tip strikeout. 2 outs runner on 1st, pop out to short. 6-1 OF end of 4, hopefully the Pirates can battle back and complete the comeback. Going to be tough, this pitcher will make them earn it. I don’t think he’s allowed a free base runner and only at 51 pitches.
  4. Pirates catch the runner from 3rd in the hot box and tag him out, must have had a squeeze play on there. Runner from 1st advances to 2nd. Base hit to left, runner stops at 3rd. Throw from the outfield gets past the catcher and a runner moves up to 2nd. 2 outs 2 on pop fly to center gets the Pirates out of a jam. Still 6-1 OF need to get something going at the plate. OF pitcher doesn’t throw that hard but he throws strikes, has a funky delivery and can change speeds.
  5. 6-1 OF start of the 4th, high pop foul down the right field line. Nice play by the second baseman, 1 down. Full count, fouls one off and draws a walk. Cleanup batter up with a man on first and 1 out. Come backer off the pitchers shin, snagged by the first baseman and tags him out. Pitcher is down and the ball came out of the first baseman’s glove. Runner is safe to add insult to injury, runners on the corners now still 1 out. The good news is the pitcher looks to be ok.
  6. 6-1 OF mid 3rd, ground out to short 1 down. Top of the lineup comes around for the Pirates, 2-0 count check swing pop out to first. Base hit lined single to right center, throw behind the runner catcher almost caught him leaning. Pick off move, pitcher almost caught him leaning... pick off move pitcher does catch him this time but the throw to from first ends up in center field. Runner advances to 3rd, 2-2 count 2 outs. Soft liner to left and the Pirates go down scoreless again, OF pitcher working efficiently with 33 pitches through 3 innings.
  7. Full count and a walk to lead the 3rd inning. Strikeout on some nasty junk, had the batter crossed up. 1 down 1 on, looking to bunt him over. Runner going, bunt to pitcher out at first moves the runner to second. 2 outs, walk puts another on. Top of the lineup back around with 2 on 2 outs, force out in play at any base. 0-2 count, pop out to center end the threat. Reliever working well aside from a few walks, again not missing by much but OF is patient and being very selective at the plate.
  8. 0-2 count, OF pitcher has some nice off speed stuff. Ground out to shortstop one down, pop foul first baseman loses it but recovers for the out in foul territory. Line out deep left, Pirates go down 1-2-3. OF starter only at 19 pitches, 6-1 OF end of 2.
  9. 0-2 count, fouls off a nice curve ball. Ground ball to 2nd runner interference called still gets him at first. Rough inning for the Pirates, OF scores 6 in the top of the second. 6-1 OF Vidor need to answer with something.
  10. Single to right center gap, scores one from first. 6-1 OF runners on the corners 2 outs. Coach back out, pitching change after 51 pitches.
  11. Top of the lineup coming back around. Hot shot to 3rd, fires home for an out. Catcher tries to turn the double play but it bounces off the runners helmet and into the dugout. All runners advance, run scores 3-1 OF. 1 out deep fly to center, nice catch runner tags and scores. 4-1 OF base hit to left plates another 5-1 OF man on 1st and 2nd after another walk. Cleanup batter steps to the plate with 2 on 2 out.
  12. 3-0 count, he’s not missing by much but a ball is a ball. Walk brings another run in, 2-1 OF bases loaded no outs. Coach calls time to have a talk with the starting pitcher.
  13. OF batter took a swing for the fences and hit a squiber to third but he beat it out by half a step. Next batter hits a rocket that eats up the 3rd baseman. OF with 2 on 0 outs, trying to bunt them over but a wild pitch allows them both to advance. 3-0 count now, pressure is on for the Pirates. Walk loads them up with nobody out, walk plates one. 1-1 2nd 0 out
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