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  1. It’s Homecoming 2021 so… Why not? ✌️✌️
  2. The outcome of this game could go a long way in determining the 2nd or 3rd playoff spot and I agree with you. Position yourself in the 1st or 2nd spot cause you don’t want to mess with Beasts from the East in the first round.
  3. Here’s the Jukey McJukerson play, plus an article that mentions the awesome 1964 team, figured you guys would like that.
  4. The players post good stuff on their Twitter accounts.
  5. Watson had a big game on both sides of the ball.
  6. I found some highlights, check this play out. That looks like it hurt.
  7. It was the play of the week on the local football highlight show, I’m sure you can find it on YouTube.
  8. The Vidor fans are going to show up and show out for this Homecoming. It’s always packed every year but this one is going to be extra with an undefeated team. I was pleasantly surprised to see the huge following at the LCM game. The Pirates are building support from the community, if they keep it up it’s going to be a crazy finish to the season. I might even have to travel to HH next week if we get this one.
  9. They need to worry about baseball season you don’t want to mess that up. Can he throw the football cause that would be a big negative as opposed to the starting quarterback. Does he have receivers to throw to that can catch because that would be a problem if they have stone hands like LCM.
  10. Juked so many guys if they all would have went to the house Vidor would have won in a forfeit.
  11. Oh ok cause somebody said LCM was ranked #12 in the state last week. Where do they get those rankings at?
  12. It’s ok as long as you score 41, I watched the Vidor D give up 50 and get absolutely torched by Silsbee but we scored 51 lol.
  13. Fair enough, I’m more worried about Vidor taking care of business in the next 2 games. I could see them slipping up but this group of boys has impressed me again and again this season.
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