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  1. There are other RB just as good. They just yet to get the opportunity to run.
  2. Silsbee could win this game. I think there is a lot of talent. Players are not put in the position that’s the best fit. Over the years I’ve seen Randy Smith pull plays out of his hat to pull off the win. Defense is improving since the PG game. They have only given up 14 points in two games. There has to be some changes on offense. If they find their niche they could very well win win this game.
  3. They weren’t only dropped passes. Bad throws, under and over throwing the receiver. But didn’t expect the Sophomore to be Much better at this point. He is young and will improve with each game. The team is young.
  4. I heard he missed some practices. So he still might play just not start.
  5. Miller is a freshman and has time to develop. There are other RB who have the speed and talent who can do just as well IF given the chance. Dodd and Martin deserve the opportunity to compete. I’ve yet to see Martin run the ball on offense. But after speaking with the kid and his mom. It’s not a main factor for him while at Silsbee.
  6. I would like to see Dodd more in the backfield. It’s evident they have several RB if given the chance to compete could be beneficial to the team. Miller is a good kid but putting him over the other RB on team is a bad move.
  7. When Gilder comes back. He should see some time at QB.
  8. Yes. He will be backing up Anderson. And I’m sure it’s more to the Silsbee story than that. Nevertheless he is happy there.
  9. Westbrook leading. Briscoe at QB. Looks good. Just threw for a TD.
  10. Why? Because the lost to a 4a school?
  11. Martin And Haynes are also. So pick your poison.
  12. I agree with you to a certain extent. Although Jasper was winning 20-14 in the 2nd quarter with 3:15 left in the half. You can hardly call that a W. But if that’s what feeds the DAWGS their motivation by all means eat it up. Too much game was left to be played. The weather won that game.
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