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  1. Anthony Byerly Butch Hadnot Kevin Shorter Darwin Barlow just to name a few
  2. For doing something a lot of schools do. A volunteer giving advice to the coaching staff.
  3. whats Going on with Cartwright? I see he has an offer. Was also told he is hardly ever at school.
  4. One things for sure Silsbee has a lot of talent coming up. Question is will they use it. Although JV didn’t look to promising. There are some freshman that hang with the best of them. Chris Martins cousin got speed. He is just a freshman.
  5. You don’t know Gilder. Which a lot don’t because he sat out playing football his freshman and sophomore year. But he is a true QB. He was those guys QB in jr high. He will bring more to the team than you think. He’s someone that can run and throw. Next season should be interesting.
  6. Dodd looked promising during the playoffs. He could see a lot of touches next season. Gilder should be competition at the QB spot.
  7. I heard their DC applied for BU HC position.
  8. I think Silsbee has a chance to make it deep in the playoffs. They have a lot of talent. As an outsider the only problem I see with Silsbee is not utilizing the talent they have. Grade classification does not matter.
  9. I think Morris from HF is the favorite on offense.
  10. Andy Lara from BC is an offensive nominee and Jackson Tim’s on defense. Nominees have been announced. The finalist won’t be announced until Jan 22
  11. Anthony Gatson is a name you will here a lot next year. RB at Newton. He is a Willie Ray Smith nominee.
  12. If you by standers only knew.
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