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  1. I guess everything has to be spelled out. Point is. They won.
  2. Both of WOS scores were from runs. Didn’t stop them good enough. Now did they?
  3. Good. I don’t live my life based on who do or doesn’t like me. 🤣
  4. Seems like to me. I had pretty good idea. 🤣🤣
  5. You are funny. I have no kinfolk on Silsbee team at all. Fact is I have a sincere dislike for Silsbee period. I call em like I see em. How bout you?
  6. Dude. Briscoe is on JV. He moved back down to get more playing time. He played on JV last night. You from Silsbee and didn’t know that. SMH.
  7. No one from Silsbe wants to believe this but talent is talent. Whether it’s a freshman or senior. They have too much talent to not utilize it. Play your kids if you want to be a successful team.
  8. Change to who. Back up QB back on JV. Which in my opinion. He should have been the starter.
  9. SMH. Well. Attitude reflect leadership. They are what their coaches are.
  10. I hear Briscoe for Silsbee is back on JV at QB. Kid wanted to get some playing time. Don’t blame him for that. Although the JV is not that good. I heard a co worker say some players are quitting.
  11. No not one game. So far this season they have been unable to stop the run. They give up too many points. The least amount points given up was 12 against Lumberton but they only scored 24. I watched them play. Defense needs a lot of work.
  12. Tigers defense can not stop the run. That was proven against Newton. Mustangs defense is much like Newton. I’ve seen them play. Tonight’s game will be one for the books. If the rain don’t hinder.
  13. Truth be told. When Jasper and Silsbee meet someone is fighting. It happened one year with Basketball. Silsbee player injured his hand, then the hit on the QB. It has nothing to do with fear or win lose status. They will meet in the playoffs hopefully.
  14. Not making light of the situation. But there is a difference in 'er and 'a. Don’t expect many of you to understand that. You can't post that on open forum. Thank you for understanding. - Soulja
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