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  1. The idea I believe is to have this start to be an annual event. With one game each on Thursday and Friday, and two games on Saturday. Each game would feature an East Texas team playing a team from our area. I think Porter was also supposed to play a game but something happened with the scheduling to prevent it this year. For me it would be an awesome start to the season, given where I live.
  2. Dayton will not be in the basement. Coach Ware will change the culture there rather quickly.
  3. Where did they have GCM, I don’t see them being separated from the other Baytown schools. Also Pam or United should be 1-2 and likely not meet Lufkin until third round.
  4. 1. Blum 2. Richland Springs 3. Refugio 4. Mart 5. Grandview 6. Gunter 7. Carthage 8. Wimberley 9. Shadow Creek 10. Fort Bend Marshall 11. Duncanville 12. Austin Westlake
  5. The two New caney schools will be in the same district. Why would you only want a 7 team district? I just want to be in a competitive district. The last two years the district competition did not prepare us for the playoffs. I would like to have either BU and PAM in with us or Lufkin and College station. I just hope we don't get the Houston schools.
  6. 1. Galena Park North Shore 2. Silsbee 3. San Augustine 4. Duncanville 5. Austin Westlake 6. Spring Westfield 7. Alvin Shadow Creek 8. Frisco Lone Star 9. Fort Bend Marshall 10. Aledo 11. Lampasas 12. Waco La Vega 13. Pleasant Groves 14. Columbus 15. Brock 16. East Bernard 17. Canadian 18. Valley View 19. Mart 20. Stratford
  7. I was wondering the same thing but it became very obvious.
  8. Return both RB’s, two WR but only one OL that I remember. Harris went both ways most of year playing Tight end. Another Soph got a lot of time at WR.
  9. NC has a lot returning, question is who will be the QB. The last three have went on to the next level.
  10. Milby, Waltrip, and Wisdom all have 5A 1 numbers. I’m wondering about Waller though. They are west along with Paetow.
  11. What about: New Caney, Porter, Caney Creek, Cleveland, Magnolia, Magnolia West, Lufkin, United, PAM. Would be a nine team district with quite a bit of travel.
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