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  1. I think he will be a great fit and do an outstanding job. I have found him to be a man of fine character. He coached at NC as well prior to him being the head coach at KP. Yes, a lot of the KP folks were upset he moved a short distance down the road.
  2. New Caney vs Lockhart all games at Brenham game 1 Friday at 6. game 2 Saturday at 1 game 3 if necessary Saturday at 3.
  3. Coach Holley takes over as the AD of New Caney ISD. Offensive coordinator Billy Russell named head coach at Porter.
  4. NC beat Porter 5-4 to clinch a playoff spot.
  5. New Caney beat KPark 2-0. Porter beat Caney Creek 9-7
  6. What a great story! I truly hope this young man just keeps on getting better on the field. He obviously is doing things right off the field.
  7. Watching on Texanlive and Lunberton looks like a better team to me.
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