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  1. I wasn’t planning on getting it but with the numbers back up and delta. I’ll will be getting the shot. At this point it’s why not?
  2. Red land . It’s not even up for debate it’s more libs than conservatives. Not really close. You need to study those maps. Conservatives rely on small 10,000 population counties libs take the 100+ country. Example Florida will look extremely red but dade county alone can flip Florida blue. Land don’t vote people do.
  3. My point they think it’s food business wise for now. If that’s changes . Then you’ll see changes. Nfl will always follow the green.
  4. Who was it started by? It got the usuals going. I have no problem calling this dude a punk. Like I said I’ve seen the worst from all.
  5. You love racist topics huh it gets you going. I’ve seen the worst from all races.
  6. Good for him but like I said the nfl don’t care either way.
  7. The US is more liberal than conservative. Most conservatives are on the wrong side of 50 it’s becoming good for business for all these corporations to side with the younger liberal crowd who will be there main consumers moving forward. It’s not the nfl nba it’s almost every single giant corporation doing it. They clearly believe it’s best for business. That’s why you seeing it more and more.
  8. I don’t think many will see it as a big deal. No true NFL fan is going to stop watching because of a pregame activity.
  9. What’s my community and where is it located?
  10. You know what If my using of the word Karen offended anyone I apologize and will no longer use the word while debating.
  11. Sad truth there still just eye candy for most part.
  12. I made my argument. Rachel is just not good at her job.
  13. I hoped on this thread to shed light on a issue where a poster believe someone got a job only because affirmative action. And I’m the racist for using the word Karen but the VP can be labeled a slut or whore .. what’s worst.
  14. More delusions and assumptions. Cardinalbacker who hacked you.
  15. You want the definition?
  16. Man at memorial most teachers I knew cared I’m talking spending out there pockets for supplies. Staying late to help failing kids. Buying uniforms/backpacks for kids. Most teachers I had were true blessings. And I went to memorial. You can’t force someone else child to learn but they sure tried.
  17. Your extremely delusional. If you can’t win the debate just say that (all whites are racist) I never said that again don’t put words in my mouth. Get schooled with class. Blacks haven’t been oppressed for generations (guess Martin Luther king Jr./John Lewis was choosing to be oppressed white only signs ain’t really exist huh. Man just stop. And more white men gave there life fighting to keep slaves. Keep going cardinal I’ll teach you alot today. And I’m not a Democratic voter so you can’t use that old trick either. Gone have to come harder. Face it Rachel suck at her job got mad a black woman
  18. I can make that assumption based off hundreds years of oppression. If the shoe fits cardinalbacker. All the talk about affirmative action it’s ashamed how we had to have things like this in place. Think about it we had to add the 13th 14th &15 . And that’s not a assumption. I thought you was one of the wiser ones
  19. Yes so if you take that position don’t cry when people believe whites have the job simply because they’re white. Anyone can make assumptions.
  20. Again because a woman got a job over a white woman it has to be affirmative action. Again tell me how you came to that conclusion that the better woman just got the job because she was better.
  21. I argue this with a lot of folks 50/50 is not equal considering demographics. But it’s certain areans like nfl /nba where you have coaches who been assistant head coaches 10+ years and get over looked for a coach with little to no pro experience. It’s certain areans where you gotta ask why is that. Just let the best Man woman get the job. This country is great because we have many cultures that makes us us. Let’s just embrace it. I don’t believe we fully embrace it. I do a lot of hiring and I always hire the best available.
  22. The problem is what makes you think that Rachel was better than the woman who got the job. How long has Rachel been with ESPN. What do she contribute? Since they rightfully passed on her she claims she was passed over because of race. Maybe the better woman just won.
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