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  1. If the sophomore QB from last year made no noticeable improvements. It’s hard to believe he’s the best available option.
  2. Long as him mom didn’t name him Roschon . We should be good.
  3. PNG is one of my favorite teams in the area. It’s a shame they’ll start off 0-1
  4. Athletes wins football games. What’s changed for PNG ?
  5. Back to retirement. I have never said or gave the impression I was ok with any type of rioting. And no politician or party can take away what you share with your maker. GOD bless you all.
  6. Come on Wildcats you gone make me pull a bret favre . If this child murder was not facing the full extent of the law. I would gladly and proudly wear a white lives matter shirt and protest. This is getting out of hand. I’ll never push my beliefs on anyone but I think we all need GOD more than ever we’re losing more than just a country were losing our souls and compassion.
  7. No more voice of reason I’ve retired. I’ll let you all give virtual high fives to each other For being Non liberals in peace.
  8. My answers go unanswered. I asked for answers on this thread that constantly gets ignored. So I’m just throwing out nonsense like the rest of you guy. Being the voice of reason on this site has taken its toll. I’ve retired.
  9. If it helps you sleep at night.
  10. Been trying to awaken you. There all bad
  11. Understand if you hurt. Ol don the liberal financier... Soros ain’t got nothing on Trump.
  12. It’s hard for Trump to sleep with anyone... guy paying pornstars . You want a creep ask Donald how he feels about his own daughter.... that’s scary.
  13. I understand my guy. This is way easier than addressing the obvious.
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