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  1. The Bible clear as day described them as so I’m not saying African American black but clearly black darker hue bronze feet. As out a furnace whooly hair.
  2. Moses was black they all where black the Bible describes them as black Jesus too. Some just refuse to accept it.
  3. Your beyond help you’re grasping hard making silly comparisons. MLK did not take up arms and kill thousands of Americans. Your trying to compare lee to king. You have to be a silly individual to put those two in a single sentence. This is sadly expected. You’ll bend any corner trying to normalize the confederate actions. It’s not because of what lee thought of blacks it’s because he enslaved men and was willing to turn his back on country and kill thousands. I mean this seriously. And your the same one damming blacks for honoring Floyd. Make it make sense. If there ever was a gay community or gay school i would not oppose them choosing to not have a mlk street school nor statues. You see how that work. It’s no longer wish to keep having this debate take it however you want it. Absolutely no point.
  4. Any time you need a history lesson or facts I’m here for you cardinalbacker.
  5. I guess were Even trying to change definitions. Appeasement: noun the action or process of appeasing. "a policy of appeasement" to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment; pacify; soothe: to appease an angry king. to satisfy, allay, or relieve; assuage: The fruit appeased his hunger.
  6. By that notion the tea party (a moment) is traitorous. You see how that sounds.
  7. Cardinal try all you want facts is facts and will remain so. You keep trying your hardest to change it or downplay facts . When a army surrender it’s rules of engagement unconditional surrender was not agreed upon all lee men was sent home with the firearms . Faced lil to none repercussions. But then none of this matters because majority of these statues went up in the early 1900 In the peak of Jim crow( you still see no connection) Georgia and S.C. only put rebel flag in 60 during civil rights movement. These statues and monuments where put in place as push back toward the movement of a free society. Try all you want but in year 3000 this will all still be facts. Find any creditable historian who disagree. Oh wait all historians must be liberals right. Ima say this again thinking is free and education is mostly free take advantage.
  8. They are not rebelling by killing thousands of Americans to keep slaves it’s a big difference.
  9. This is not a joke or meant to make you feel little but read more on post civil war. And you’ll see why the appeasement came about.
  10. No I accept history. I refuse to celebrate any traitor to this nation it’s a difference. Lee shouldn’t be forgotten. But shouldn’t be glorified as some hero. You ok With Malcolm x statues in your neighborhood. Should a mostly white neighborhood be forced to send their kids to Malcolm X elementary?
  11. My 12 grade year in art II we was to paint a picture of someone during the civil rights era . I chose Malcolm X my art teacher told me it will be an automatic F then gave me a list he felt I should choose from .(none where black) image that. I painted my Malcolm x picture still because it’s Art II who cares? i already had all my credits.
  12. South went to war to keep slaves saying other wise is lying. Or just a refusal to accept history.
  13. Only the narrative to have in your head of what others think? Have you had a conversation with a blm member on this issue? Any black persons told you this. Or your conservative/conspiracies outlet thinking for you. You don’t understand how you make yourself look.
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