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  1. I was in the fourth grade getting ready for school. Mom was watching news . No I idea. I will have friends and a younger brother who will eventually have to fight this war. My generation don’t remember a post 9/11.
  2. I think Crosby is a good opponent. Hoping for a good game.
  3. Preseason in the nfl is totally different from high school ball. Crosby objective was to be 2-0 they sit 0-2 dance around it anyway you choose fact remains the same. WINLESS
  4. I like Crosby I root for y’all wish y’all would of won the chip. However that was last year. Should be a good game a game PAM needs.
  5. Next week it’ll be we’re 0-3 because of quality opponents. Go PAM
  6. That was last year. It’s not always so simple. Weaknesses aren’t always fixable. And this is PAM 3rd game too still alot we like to fix.
  7. Last year was last year. Crosby and PAM will play this year.
  8. A lot of could of would of should of. Have you sitting at 0-2.
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