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  1. Not even hiding it nowadays 😬
  2. Shotgun sounds nice from what cardinalbacker said. Looking for a small handgun for the lady also. Anyone can feel free to dm me on the safety (small kids in the house)
  3. What’s the best gun to have for home protection?
  4. I like to work and keep my money. I’m a Christian man. Keep believing that the other side is boogeymen that’s how they control you. This two party system just isn’t working.
  5. I’m not the poster who believes one side is good one side is bad. I don’t like democrats either so I’m confused on your reply. So let me clear this I don’t like republicans don’t like democrats. I like the freedom of thinking for myself.
  6. Can you show me the thread or even a comment on the issue before now?
  7. Still no response to why this was not a problem until the 3rd round. Why was trump sending stimulus to prisoners?
  8. I’m just curious why is this now a problem On the 3rd round and obviously not a problem the first two rounds.... Lied I’m not curious on that at all.
  9. Congratulations. Having a child devoted to Christ is a blessing regardless denomination. You have raised him right.
  10. Please explain to me why YOU and YOU only is trying your hardest to derail this topic and make it about race. US history with voting was not just discriminate towards blacks.( This topic has nothing to do with the “white man”
  11. I What is taxes? If I buy a sprite from cornerstone. I just paid taxes. So you’ll have to elaborate on that one. I can live in a rent house 10 years. Newcomer from wherever buys the house next door. Should his voice be greater in the community?
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