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  1. I want you to elaborate more come January. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  2. Because I am a real American nobody can take that from me
  3. Over only low informed trump hardliners refuse to accept it. Weeks pass and all this obvious voter fraud has yet to be proven. 7+ million Americans said hell no to the orange sorriest POS of all time.
  4. Again trump has lawyers to prove that.
  5. In 2012 I was of age to vote. Again I did not vote
  6. The thing about this is in about a month either PAMFAM will be proven a low informed voter or you all will be. So let’s all put our name on it. IF you think trump will be given a second term. Because fraud will be proven put your name on it. If you think Biden becomes potus put yo name on. We’ll can see who’s educated and who’s a sheep
  7. You guys just don’t stop. From the couch you guys have already found what trump top dollar lawyers cannot. You guys are a special type of special. The comedy in all this is very satisfying. Biden will be president. And you all will realize that you guys are just low informed voters who lack the ability to think for yourself. Very entertaining.
  8. I’m not saying that. I’m saying if it’s fire it will be found. If not then it never was a fire. or soros brought off ever republican/conservative in the 🇺🇸
  9. I’m not talking directly at you. I’m saying in general. Democrats/liberals republicans/conservative still walk with the party. But I’ll ask you as a conservative what makes you different from a republican.
  10. I do not do conspiracy theories that do not involve aliens. This country is so divided any damaging dirt that can be found against the opposition will be found. So if it true smoke the opposition will pay top dollar for that fire.
  11. I have no party affiliation. If I was a betting man I’ll say Biden won’t be a great or even good president. What you don’t understand is I truly believe anyone who calls themselves a democrat or republicans at best are half minded people. It’s no way we all can truly be this divided as a nation on every single issue. imagine a candidate who didn’t have a party to sell out to. Imagine a world where you can choose to be pro- choice and against big government at the same time. Financial conservative but believes in climate change. It’s possible but the Rs And Ds of the world rather you not
  12. Ok why do you think Rudy and trump are distancing themselves from her? It’s not that she’s not on retainer. Why would they make it clear to public she’s not on the team?
  14. You sir are a interesting individual
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