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  1. Prayers to you Stevenash I’ll be praying for a full recovery. God bless.
  2. I’m tired of these damn masks.😷 although they become part of my wardrobe. PAMFAM rocks the fancy type had a Texans one Nike, Jordan, company one etc. I honestly feel like we’re in the free I no longer hear so and so got COVID. It’s the governor’s call. He’ll either be a hero or something else in a month. I’ll hang on to my mask just in case. (will wear them another month) Pray to God that this is finally the end.
  3. That my opinion . I’m extremely tired of these mask myself. I rather deal with them if it’ll help the country. I don’t wanna stop wearing them the numbers shoot up. And we be back at square one like last time. 100% ready to get back to normal ASAP. Let’s just do it right without politics.
  4. We don’t need to lockdown our states remember TX and GA . Very few later they were back doing what the experts said. So if Tx wants to embarrass itself again. Go ahead stop wearing mask. It will only be very few later.😷
  5. I don’t believe AOC is helping to simply help Texans. I know she has a political agenda behind it. I’m not praising her just pointing out. Ted is getting out done by AOC. Its not Ted fault what happened. But the citizen he represents were without power and water and freezing temperatures. You roll up your selves you pass out water blanket you you hit the ground doing whatever you can for your state. How many of you checked on a neighbor gave out water. Help remove ice. If we can do it our elected officials who won’t be in Cancun when they need the votes can too. I was without water h
  6. It’s amazing that the socialist liberal from NY was more helpful to Texans than Cancun Cruz. Trump was right on “lying Ted “
  7. It’s amazing AOC has done more for Texas Than Cruz . During this period. It amazing a guy can bow to the man who talked about his wife. Turn around and blame a trip to Cancun on his young daughters. Man has no backbone the absolute definition of a coward.
  8. No Cruz tried to lied got caught in that lie then finally told the truth and started apologizing like a true politician
  9. Lol fake news I did not say that. But I’m sure if it was a thread you was condemning Barry O unlike coward Cruz. Nothing different but the party affiliation and look how you respond. But baddog says he a free thinker.😂 If Obama was afraid of Putin what was trump. Trump says Putin good. And you all stopped caring about Russia. Did we forget so fast😂😂 they say you can’t teach and olddog new tricks.
  10. Yep back and apologizing Cruz agree he made a stupid mistake. So I guess Cruz has join the mainstream media in attacking himself.😂😂😂 Ted Cruz who represents us all. Left to go to Cancun while the many citizens who put him in power are without lights and water freezing. And you guys all where 100 percent ok with it. Ive help more Texans than TED through this. Guess this group just too much of team players to call a coward a coward
  11. Be on the ground he is a senator of Texas. think he might want to do whatever he can to help. Talking bout libs Beto Castro bros hell in you all favorite AOC is doing more for Texas. If it wasn’t a issue why fly back why throw your own kids under the bus. Now watch he start fundraising and have boots on ground with camera team to change the narrative. TED is the ultimate politician.
  12. Why do we shelter and defend stupid shit Politicians do. Like Ted or not every representative who took oath to protect Texans should be in Texas on the ground learning and fixing. Not on a damn vacation.
  13. This is just plain stupid I mean you can believe nasa or you can believe maga hats I know I trust the science community before any of you.
  14. You don’t understand . You just don’t understand . But I’ll play along You can’t make this stuff up.
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