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  1. That's every year but them Stangs just find a way year in and year out
  2. Could have a joint celebration parade. Orange would be pumped
  3. No Fair. We also wanna get us one of them there smart, hungry & innovative coaches.
  4. Vidor had their best RBs out and only played football during the 2nd half. Took the first half off 😄 but still almost won. LCM plays 4 qtrs they win
  5. Maurice Miller ( Mauricevilles namesake) is rolling over in his grave
  6. I stopped watching at 39-29. I should've stayed tuned in CONGRATS COUGS
  7. Poor Maurice gets no credit. It goes to Orange now😄
  8. Dang. I stopped watching this game at halftime. I should've stayed tuned
  9. tha Bears take this one. The truth comes out that LCM and Chapel Hill were the best teams in their district , regardless of standings. With Peevey being the new coach he is still doing some fine tuning and the Bears will only improve
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