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  1. I heard nederland is 2 seed,guess they flipped idk
  2. Bottom line is this,none of your opinions really matter!Obviously you guys are like me and sit at work with nothing else to do besides read and write on this forum,none of us play or coach at the next levels so our opinions really are worthless,knowing heff personal,he is a great young man,not saying great at basketball saying a great young man and regardless if he is good enough to make it playing at the next level is irrelevant because he has a great head on his shoulders,4.0 gpa and could of left for A&M in December to start college but chose to stay with his friends,but the big picture is this,if he balls out in college great if not guess what the kid is super intelligent and will succeed in life and make way more money than all of us so who is really the failures,not him,,just enjoy the sport and encourage the kids,why knock em,even though I have yet to see him do anything major against good competition he is still a great kid,a great player and could be a very great leader one day in our sorry society!!!!Rant over!!!!!!
  3. very senior heavy but they don't play much,has underclassmen getting more playing time
  4. brook wins if he presses whole game and plays ol PA stall ball!!!
  5. no not at all,believe me I discipline my kids more than most,im just saying my opinion only,and that really doesn't matter,im just saying id rather a lil powder and kids having fun inside the gates than out in the streets getting in trouble!!again just my opinion
  6. ill say it again this year,,let the kids have fun!!!
  7. Well from what I’m being told,Kade Scott is out for the season with injury,so that hurts Nederland offense for sure!!!!
  8. Kid is a difference maker,on both sides of the ball!!!
  9. Nederland definitely has the team to win,alll depends if the d can get a few big stops,looks better with kids going both ways finally!!!If ya wanna win gotta put best 11 players on field at all times!!! potential is there to win out,I know it was Lee but offense was finally clicking!!!!
  10. Working Baker at tight end this week for extra blocking on offense and Cunningham and Fusieler getting some safety work on defense,only changes I’m hearing from practice!!!
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