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  1. I have watched 21 quarters of Crockett Bulldog football; and they will not hit anyone; Unless, you are counting the fights they have between each other during the day on their campus. And for this reason, I am picking Anahuac to defeat Crockett by a score of 35 to 21.

    The one area of excellence that I have observed was how proficient the Crockett coaches are at keeping the players back; so that they might not stumble over themselves while moving up and down the sidelines and cursing the officials.

    Anahuac Panthers, remember who you are. Kick Bulldog Butt with all the PRIDE and Class that has been instilled in you.   


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    2. Leon the Lion

      Leon the Lion

       Well, let's say that we got hit where it hurts; right in our Character. We have made great strides this football season and; we are looking to see even more improvement in the months to come. But, there is a high cost in low living; living below the character of a winner. Your true character is, who you are when nobody is looking. Somehow, your true character comes to light. You know right from wrong; choose right. Don't be deceived, your character is showing!

    3. WOSgrad


      I don't have to hide in status reports to show my character.

    4. Leon the Lion

      Leon the Lion

      Not referring to you ..... The biggest problem we have in high school athletics is lack of character. You got hit by friendly fire.

  2. I had stopped drinking; I am thinking of starting back.
  3. You are correct, EC does deserve a lot more credit. They were very well prepared; on special teams, and on both sides of the ball. We did not match their intensity. The QB was poised and did not play like a freshman at all. Your coaches' game plan was surpassed only by the class and hospitality shown by your fans. You have a right to be "EC PROUD".
  4. I am not going to write a book; just getting over the illness from eating so much crow. This game is really a playoff game, and again excellence will payoff. Look for Logan Born, Tia Pham, and Landon Corbitt to be standouts in this game. These guys will do what they are asked to do with no excuses. I saw you during the team perfect play segment, finishing thirty yards down the field and running the ball with authority. Homework Assignment for Foster: Read the book "Shut Up and Listen by Tilman Fertitta by Friday night.(There is an audio version) Step up and be a leader Anahuac by 1,
  5. Anahuac has two very talented wide receivers. (Mayby the most pure talent at WR I have seen so far this season.) Both of them 6'2". very athletic and good speed. I am waiting for them to have a breakout game against a good team. It is important that you practice at game speed and intensity; otherwise you will develop bad habits. Don't be a player who is engaged only when the ball is coming to you. That is selfish and the opponent can pick-up on it. Focus on your assignment each play; as you give outstanding effort. Can your coach depend you to carry out the plan? Ask your coach to give you thr
  6. Don't stumble over something behind you; move forward. Your dream does not have an expiration date. Try one more time!!!
  7. Poor effort by the Panthers; and I am paying for it.
  8. It was a very poor effort on the part of the Panthers; and we paid for it.
  9. I think you are right; and I paid for it. Disappointing effort on the part of the Panthers
  10. EC did a great job; I am fascinated with your freshman QB. I am equally disappointed with the lack of effort on the part of the Panthers.
  11. We did not give much of an effort; and I am paying for it.
  12. Didn't workout very well; poor effort on the part of the Panthers. We are better than the effort we gave.
  13. It is great to be an Anahuac PANTHER on Championship Friday. Coach Neece, you have given us so much to look forward to. Relatives who have not spoken to each other in years are threatening each other's lives; but at least they are speaking. I heard a couple of people got a whipping at the tailgate; they shook hands and made up before they returned to Anahuac. Go Panthers; y EC lo va a pagar!!!

  14. I don't know what hyping means. But, I am more than qualified to assess this young man's athletic ability, academic accomplishments, and character. All of our kids are pretty good. When you disrespect our kids, it reflects on your character.
  15. Foster is more than just football, basketball, baseball, track, student; he is a very talented young man. He has been taught that God has given him sooooo much; but much more is required of him. It's a lot of responsibility that goes with being as blessed as he is. When he is not looking, there are those who are observing him. They want to walk like him, talk like him, dress like him, eat what he eats, go where he goes. He has influence. We have better schools, better communities, a better country, and a better world if we use our influence for good. I hope that you don't think this is on
  16. Ray Charles can read the fact that I have talked about most of the football team by name and position in 3 different languages. Have patience; I will get to him if I have not already. You need to stop being such a small person and grow up. Sometimes, we are so busy patting ourselves on the back we don't give others a chance. Some of the best fathers, mother, neighbors, in world are the worst coaches. I talk about the older kids because they have been with the program long enough to have done more positive than negative, more good than bad, been more dependable than disappointing. Remember
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