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  1. What’s up with the PNG dad walking out with handcuffs??
  2. I wanna say current holder is Kirby Bellow 2008 season.
  3. That’s not all of it. Go back and read what was approved by the bond and what will happen if money is saved, which money has already be saved. So hopefully more projects will be done.
  4. Never going to happen and I’m glad it won’t ever happen. Takes away the home field and all the cash revenue the schools receive from hosting this great event.
  5. 77.8MM of the bonds have already been sold at a great rate so Nederland tax payers will be saving money from I treat rate and possibly be able to spend money else where. The Turf field will be done, after soccer season is complete. That information came from the school board itself at a meeting, as well explained on Facebook from School board member Micah Mosely. I’m sure him or his dad will come across and will be glad to explain more about the subject in better detail.
  6. If you would have said this before the game in 2017 you would be some kind of wizard but that is just like 2017 game.. lol
  7. That’s good to know that PNG WRs have butter fingers with a dry ball on turf. So no excuse with the dropped balls on a grass field lol
  8. According to Cardinal Backer everyone is coming to Orange County.. but other studies and Schools dropping enrollment says other wise..
  9. Interesting.. because I looked up and said Orange County lost population...
  10. Then how come Barrow and company beat PNG with Boy wonder 2 years ago... Uncle Larry wasn’t on the staff for that one..
  11. Well I thought there won’t be speed because of the current and spiritual nation PNG being afraid of mud and having to swim/mudslide
  12. Didnt realize you was playing Friday Night. Good luck little buddy. Get back to class and pay attention 🤣🤣😂
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