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  1. Texas has to let the DC go this week… ranked 109 in the nation. Dead last in the big 12 behind Kansas… Sark better take a page out from McCarthy and the cowboys and let the DC go…
  2. I agree, keep everything within 15 yards. Just nickel and dime your way to the end zone
  3. Isn’t he a WR converted to QB…? I feel like I read that somewhere
  4. 1.) West Brook 2.) Magnolia West 3.) Lee 4.) PAM 5.) Nederland 6.) PNG 7.) Crosby 8.) Huffman 9.) Splendora 10.) Vidor 11.) Carthage 12.) Rusk 13.) Silsbee 14.) HF 15.) WOS 16.) Diboll 17.) EC 18.) Kirbyville 19.) New Waverly 20.) Shelbyville 21.) Timpson 22.) Lovelady 23.) Burkeville 24.) Evadale 25.) Huntington
  5. Us having a below average QB this year is not very Nederland like either…
  6. The worse officiating crew I have seen in years wtf bro.
  7. Not going to lie these refs are horrible… not the one to blame a game on refs… but this game is getting out of hand.
  8. 1.) Atascocita 2.) College Station 3.) Lee 4.) United 5.) PAM 6.) BH 7.) TC 8.) Huffman 9.) Livingston 10.) Vidor 11.) Jasper 12.) BC 13.) Orangefield 14.) WOS 15.) Palestine Westwood 16.) EC 17.) Buna 18.) CC 19.) Newton 20.) Timpson 21.) Joaquin 22.) Lovelady 23.) Tenaha 24.) HD 25.) Diboll
  9. Astors looking tough at the right time! Bring it back!
  10. We have struggled to stop the run all year imo… PNG ran all over us the first half but decided to pass and that’s what got us back in the game. Same thing with Silsbee… TC strength (running the ball) seems to be our weakness on D (stopping the run)… if Nederland has a chance they are going to have to put them into 3rd and long situations and get off the field. Plus make accurate throws on O….
  11. After watching game film on TC… there is 2 scenarios that are going to happen…. 1.) TC strength of running the ball and our slow starts TC capitalizes on that and they win big… like 2 at least TDs. 2.) TC let’s Nederland hang around through the whole game and 4th quarter Dogs come back and win by a squeaker after TC has been winning the whole game…. This long bus trip to TC they better be ready to come off the bus and ready to play… TC is about to punch them right in mouth.
  12. Monte is right they gotta play 4 quarters of football which has yet to happen… they are going to have to get in gear rather soon…. But watching last night the offense play calling was very vanilla last night… the only thing I can see is they didn’t want to show to many of their cards with TC up next BH and Crosby later… they gotta wake up. If not we will go 0-3 against them. If we do wake up and play to their capability we can easily go 3-0 against them…
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