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  1. That garden city game had disaster and chaos written all over it from the beginning. Brown hyping his players up to fight his battle, to GC coach talking mess after the game like that... take the win and go.
  2. 4.) He has but not as a starter. 5.) No, should have but one of the greatest comeback of all time stopped that one... maybe dak is betting on himself. Which I don’t mind at all and he’s confident in his play. If cowboys win the Super Bowl this year then meet in the middle in that 35 million range or so
  3. Was told matte black helmets with all black uniforms. Love the all black jerseys and pants
  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/AuDesigns/status/1157422713767628800?s=2 new spark on the helmets this year.... catching buzz about a matte black and gold N helmets to be used?
  5. With all these upgrades puts a nail on a Baytown mega school. Unless they plan on using these for top notch middle school fields lol..
  6. You play Saturday morning at 8am right? Can’t wait to see you on the little legends segments on the news
  7. Really is a great looking field, I’m sure track meets will be held there too.
  8. I wonder why they didn’t do the Turf and scoreboard at the same time.. seems like they could have had room to do both at the same time
  9. I would say that too when I don’t have anything to say it’s ok little buddy.
  10. We are only statewide... but y’all are nationwide! Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth. Talking about physical speed, atmosphere, but forecast shows rain.... ouch. Tough break for the stangs. Word from Mustang nation after the loss from Silsbee last year in the playoffs is y’all couldn’t play in the rain. Hopefully the Indian Spirit can do a rain dance to keep the rain away, or maybe he will do the dance since everyone is talking Indians with no D. Guess we will stay tuned to find out LIVE nationwide! Can’t wait to watch this match up, I’m sure Indian nation will tune into Bulldog scrimmage on their tablets..
  11. Hopefully some progress will be done and ready before the first home game of the season.
  12. He is... we tried to book Joe Buck and Aikman but they declined to see physical speed and atmosphere at y’alls game. Best of luck
  13. Will the game be broadcasted on this video scoreboard at WOS?
  14. I keep thinking class of 04 was memorial first year but it was 03 which puts him one year at memorial.
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