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  1. Great season Dogs. Held up close to one of the best in the state..
  2. It hasn’t been held there in years
  3. Hopefully he can bring in at least his hand picked OC and DC for now...
  4. Memorial 61 Hightower 56... PA can’t start off slow. One of those come out the gates hot and stay hot..
  5. Time to go install a few new mailboxes on some lots in Nederland 🤔😂
  6. Wow... they just got lights at their stadium too. That’s a Shame
  7. It’s in the middle of soccer season as well as track they are also finalizing the blue prints for everything... you won’t start seeing work done til summer time.
  8. This side of the Fred Hartman, I’ll take it. Let’s go Dogs!
  9. Let’s gooooooo!!!! Big Ned moving on to round 2 fought hard and came back being down. Tell of two half’s I tell you that
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