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  1. Never.. Frisco bout to run UIL and keep all their schools 5A.
  2. Terrible reads on RPO plays, more bad then good. Sad sad day in Bulldog country.
  3. Mark it down #1 stays at QB we will only have 2 district wins. Facts.
  4. 1. United 2. WOS 3. SA 4. WB 5. CF 6. Vidor 7. Porter 8. PNG 9 NEDERLAND 10 Diboll 11 HH 12 Jasper 13 BBH 14 Lumberton 15 OField 16 Anahuac 17 EC 18 HJ 19 Tarkington 20 Buna 21 CC 22 Kountze 23 HD 24 Evadale 25 BH
  5. I knew last year when the schedule came out with WOS, United, and Silsbee the chance the dogs go 0-3 was there... last year we did what most people didn’t think would happen and go 3-0, just like most of y’all I was shocked that we did it. But boy was I happy. Lol. If our o line doesn’t gel and open holes this week could be another L... if they do I believe we will win. That’s the biggest glaring downfall for Nederland. Our strength is at our running back position but if no holes and blocking upfront then it kinda defeats its purpose.. we will see come Friday night. How much smaller is Silsbee d line compared to United’s d line Soulja? United was big very big with high motors... I don’t think we will see another line like that for a good while and hopefully our o line grew from that game.
  6. Huntsville has to get their QB healthy. If not FB Marshall wins it imo
  7. Ehhh they were with out there starting QB.. lol
  8. The buzz in the stands say he is even better QB...
  9. #2 for United is a beast! Just imagine him and Anderson in the same Defense... QB play for United is night and day difference. He’s not only athletic but knows the game The Rb by committee is nice touch and will come in handy during district play
  10. @BMTSoulja1 How were the younger dogs in your eyes that I told you to watch for.. I know you are a straight shooter.
  11. 1. Newton 2. West Sabine 3. Strake Jesuit 4. Manvel 5. Montgomery 6. PAM 7. Huntsville 8. GCM 9. Jasper 10. WOS 11. EC 12. HF 13. Livingston 14. Lumberton 15. Buna 16. Woodville 17. Evadale 18. HD 19. Trinity 20. Kelly 21. Houston Sanchez 22. Baytown Christian 23. Houston EW 24. Deweyville 25. Hardin
  12. Y’all go to the playoffs (which I think y’all will) United will get 6A teams wanting to play them. Just might be that North Houston area.
  13. Congrats to United on the win. Best of luck to y’all for the rest of season. I know y’all will get atleast 3rd place finish. Never know with brook and being a rivalry game strange things happen... Bulldogs back to the drawing board. The things I said is our weakness showed all night. But with Nederland staff they always get it fixed before district. I have seen way to many times 1-2/ 0-3 entering district and make a run. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
  14. Nothing like some Pappadeauxs before the game,
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