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  1. I know but I just have a feeling for the rest of the basketball season especially when they play Silsbee we will see the comparison brought up everytime.... well if Lumberton plays this game like they did in the 4th quarter against Nederland we might have a chance and so on 😂😂 and if they lose well someone is going to call in and blame the refs 👀👀
  2. Lmao why is Lumberton putting all there eggs in one basket on one quarter of play against Nederland...
  3. Congrats PA! I knew that defense was special from the beginning
  4. Depends on what defense shows up for Nederland... Nederland has to play a almost perfect game to come out with the win... run the ball control the clock throw when you have too and if they do Nederland 38-32. Bad defensive play and a few turn overs could get ugly in hurry... if that scenario happens BH 49-21.
  5. If you read my previous post in the past since day 1 with this regime you would know the answer to that one... especially now since our DC retired a few years back. But that’s good they are young, we will see if they stay all 4 years and Dayton keeps the middle school athlete in Dayton
  6. They don’t have talent at the varsity level. All their talent moves out of Dayton.
  7. Happy Veterans Day to all my brothers and sisters in the armed forces that have served before me as well as bless and protect all those that are serving right now. Petty Officer 2nd class of the USS Simpson FFG-56 Mayport, Florida.
  8. Can’t blame 33 people being thin I see those numbers like that all the time... it’s lack of talent at Dayton.
  9. Mazyk having himself a game... will end up with over 250 yards by the end of it.
  10. Does the stadium have electricity? Mother and Father n law house street over from stadium doesn’t...
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