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  1. I was just tagged and ridiculed on Twitter that Jimmy Butler is better then Luka… that tonight’s 1 game proved it. Lol oh boy…
  2. Crazy how I said magical things happen, then bam both games were magical for the teams I wanted lol
  3. There was rumbles he was going to Silsbee…
  4. Ehh on Twitter I got roasted and killed because I said that and the curry fans were arguing with me. Had some warrior and Celtic fans saying it went Curry, Tatum, Luka and Jimmy Butler were interchangeable.
  5. I read that, suns championship is closed imo… CP3 is getting very very old. Ayton is gone suns not paying that super max money, (keep reading the blazers and Dame together or a NY team) imo Ayton is the softest big man in the league. He’s afraid to dunk it. He wants to shoot it, or hook it. On a side note and very Unpopular opinion but Luka is the best player left in the playoffs out of the 4 teams.
  6. Celtics in 7. Warriors in 6. I hope mavs and that Luka magic come through tho. Rather see the Mavs win.
  7. He’s the head middle school coach at Central Middle School. He’s been there for several years now. Do not remember when exactly.
  8. Magical things happen in game 7! One of the things in sports Game 7’s! Go Celtics and go Mavs!
  9. I knew from the get go it wasn’t going to work out… lol
  10. You aren’t lying. He is public enemy number 1 to Arkansas fans. Except for @Mr. Buddy Garrity he liked him. 😂😂
  11. @KF89 do you happen to know what was Cody Robbins record was at Nederland?
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