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  1. More playoff teams and more money for UIL seems like it would play a part in the reason for football divisions.
  2. "There is a county policy that states if a team wins by more than 42 points, they have to explain why the final score is so lopsided. Plainedge, which also came into the game without a loss, didn't exactly have an explanation." Why would the county have a policy regarding football scores? I found another article, this is some little league football stuff. https://www.newsday.com/sports/high-school/football/nassau-high-school-football-sportsmanship-rule-1.21194185
  3. Not sure, he is BC QB1. Went down on the 2nd drive i believe.
  4. You can hear a Livingston coach in the background of the stream, this will be fun. I love to hear coaches raise hell
  5. Come on man, there are only like two of us BC posters here, that ain't one of us.
  6. Final 46-7 Wos. Wos has some dang good RBs. Good luck the rest of the year
  7. 5yd td Wos. #20. 46-7 2:17 left. Kicker has a strong leg.
  8. Harrison Gauthier Sophmore #16 must be who they were talking about.
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