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  1. Coach Frank Martin “You know what makes me sick to my stomach? When I hear grown people say that kids have changed. Kid’s haven’t changed. Kid’s don’t know anything about anything.” “We’ve changed as adults. We demand less of kids. We make their lives easier instead of preparing them for what life is truly about. We’re the ones that have changed. To blame kids is a cop out.”
  2. Yeah, you’re gonna get crickets from @Longhorn Fan1
  3. SmashMouth


    Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny. Lol.
  4. SmashMouth


    (In my best SillyWilly “voice”) No, stevenash, it’s not actually what you would be feeling but what he is doing to this democracy that I am concerned with. I can see why you would be confused. He is very dangerous and the danger is blinding. Are you ok with being blind? He is so dangerous that I cannot list any real dangers. But I can tell you this stevenash, Biden is not dangerous at all.
  5. He still puts tougher questions out there than most of the liberal MSM zombies.
  6. SmashMouth


    I want to know what is so dangerous. I won’t vote for him if he is dangerous. Give 3 good and real (not perceived) dangers that warrant putting a bumbling puppet in office over Trump. I am listening.
  7. I don’t think Chris Wallace plays that game.
  8. Yep. That’s a whole nother bunch of crap. But it’s a football parent. I know who it is. He’s a whiner.
  9. Say what you will, but that was freakin funny.
  10. You mean you think he will really show?
  11. I can’t disagree about consistency, but I won’t say it has changed every single year. What’s tough is that if you don’t “produce” a winning product every year, then your job is up for grabs.
  12. What place was Lumberton last year in district? 2nd behind undefeated Huffman. So if only 2 were able to go to the playoffs, Lumberton would still have gone. Nobody said he’s the greatest coach ever. He’s a good coach though and a good person who cares about the kids. Just like Jeff over in Vidor. I’ll pick someone like that to look after my kid any day of the week. Lumberton’s success/failure is based on lots of things - Not just the coach, not just the kids, not just the community. All you have done is griped and complained. Do you have any constructive criticism? What should the coaches be doing differently based on the number of starting athletes that are sidelined with injuries? Your son is an awesome kid and a good athlete. I’ve known him since he was in elementary school. Quit embarrassing him and yourself. You’re an embarrassment. You always have been, and it’s not good for your son.
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