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  1. Idk guys. I believe I’ll stick with the Fo-O-Nine
  2. That was mean. Glad you dropped in though.
  3. Was the point that this board is made up of primarily closed-minded “Trumpites” that think if anything is anti-Trump or anti-conservative then it’s wrong?
  4. There is so much irony in that video. Freakin hilarious.
  5. I’m not ready for a guilty verdict yet. I believe in the good ole court system (like I know you do too) and innocent until proven guilty. But I’m sure you’re right. While I don’t think the kid was necessarily out for a friendly jog, it “appears” those 3 had some vigilante justice brewing.
  6. Well, you yelled a name at him. js. 😎
  7. 5 for $15 on Amazon. I own 72 pair. I can find the ones on my face and that’s about it. Lol.
  9. MaxPreps is a horrible source, but it’s still cool to see that. Recognition for this area is always welcome.
  10. Yep. Whether you agree or disagree with his politics, he was a great and respected man.
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