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  1. That’s the scholarship amount, but it doesn’t cost that much. About $70,000 a year including room and board. Tuition alone for a 4 year degree is approximately $215,000.
  2. I believe you’re both right. The illegal confiscation is definitely a by-product.
  3. Look, I don’t disagree with some of the things you’re saying. But you have to at least acknowledge both sides for a healthy debate. I even question my own decision to get the vaccines. I’d be an idiot not to. That being said, I’m still alive for now.
  4. I get it. Eric Clapton. In response to the topic, “How safe is the Vaccine?”, nobody knows! That’s all I’m saying. You’re saying it’s gonna kill us all and Bullets says it came straight from Jesus. (I’m being facetious, of course). Say it with me...NOBODY KNOWS...
  5. Well, he’s a contributor, not a day to day employee. They probably won’t use him anymore though. I doubt they’ll apologize for his remarks and for not thoroughly vetting him though. Hypocrites.
  6. I find that research just as hard to believe as the pro vaccine research. Like I said, I think it’s ALL a bunch of political propaganda on BOTH sides. Take the shot(s) or don’t. It’s as simple as that.
  7. @biggirl Did you have any replies to the car crash and/or abortion examples? If 287 is too many, then certainly those others are waaayyyy too many...right?
  8. On average more than 2,000 children from newborn to 16 years old die in car crashes. Should we not allow them to ride in cars? In a 17 month period (same period for the 287 Covid deaths), it’s nearly 3,000 on average. Do you propose we quit allowing our kids in vehicles? Is 3,000 too many? What are the repercussions of the Covid-19 vaccines on children? Have you thought this through?
  9. Too little too late... They should’ve been wide open like some places months ago... with or without the vaccine.
  10. Tell your world renowned doctors only 287 children have died in 17 months in the entire United States (1/1/20 - 5/12/21). And many of those were children with comorbidities. That’s straight from the CDC who, if anything, would inflate the actual numbers. That’s approx 200 per year. Not giving my child a vaccine.
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