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  1. I wasn’t gassing him up. He stated my confidence was a fool substitute for intelligence. Meaning I’m stupid... I may be stupid, but it was probably a poor choice of words unless he wants to get some back.
  2. Has nothing to do with sports. Or being a fool. Look at the stats. Your baby girl gonna be fine. To each his own is right. Luckily my son won’t ever have to think his dad was a trembling coward.
  3. I watched that a couple days ago. Agree with a lot. Some of its on the fringe imo.
  4. The pope did all that? Was it only choir boys? Is it just Catholics? Do you have an axe to grind?
  5. One of them has higher standards, morals, scruples and wears a funny hat.
  6. I just asked if it was a possibility that the story isn’t true? I’m not Catholic, btw.
  7. But do you at least concede that your post about the Pope may not be true?
  8. Dang I wish I had come up with Purple Link. It’s funny on so many levels!
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