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  1. Yes they were!! Do you remember when we would go to Huffman & win? They would close one side of the gates & we would have to go the long way!!
  2. Jacolby Bishop signed with Howard College last week!! Congrats 🎉🎊🎊 jacolby you have a bright future ahead of you. I spoke with this young man last weekend. Amazing, humble & great parents!!! Coldspring’s wishes you the best!!
  3. TrojanWarrior08, do you remember back in the 2008-2010’s when we use to have some battles with Huffman-Hargrave Falcons? The best game was in 2010 when were going back & forth with them. We received the kickoff with about 3 mins remaining in the game, Sherman Gilbert took 90+ yards for the game winning TD!! Priceless 🏈🏈🏈 you gotta love high school football!!
  4. Congrats to Duke & Jacoby🎉🎉!! Coldspring is proud of you all
  5. Your right so true @TrojanWarrior08!! Our boys did have a fabulous season!!! 37-5 school record & 1st time to state. Proud of my Trojans!!
  6. Yes the school website says Dallas Madison. The uil website says Peaater
  7. The brackets have us playing Peaster too!! I am not liking this draw
  8. Way to go Coldspring Trojans!!! We are headed to state the 1st in school history
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