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  1. My understanding is that the gentleman who succumbed to COVID-19 today in Beaumont is the brother of Jasper Baseball Head Coach Stephen Westbrook. Coach, I can certainly understand if you won't see this message. But if you do, please know that the entirety of Southeast Texas and especially those here at SETXsports.com hold you in our prayers.
  2. With regards to the UIL, these impromptu practices do not violate their edict against school practices.
  3. In any other time, I would agree. I respect young men and women wanting to stay sharp and not sitting around is definitely one way to do it. However, this is not football players getting out and working out during summer vacation instead of sitting on the couch, drinking yoohoos and eating moonpies (folks from WO-S understand this). These are school and county officials that are closing things and setting limits on meeting for the safety of these students and other members of their community. The 24 hour curfew for those below 18 that was instituted by County Judges Brannick, McDaniel, Gotha and others was put in place after school officials went to these county officials and expressed their fear of students congregating in a park setting that would circumvent the social distancing that the schools were attempting to achieve with their closures. They didn't differentiate between kids just hanging out or conducting sports practice, no matter how structured. Yes, leaders make sure that their teammates are not slacking off. However, leaders also follow the law.
  4. As well as the ordered 24 hour curfew for persons 17 and under.
  5. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 28-1A W-L School District Burkeville 0-0 Chester 0-0 Chireno 0-0 Goodrich 0-0 High Island 0-0 Leggett 0-0 Zavalla 0-0
  6. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 25-2A W-L School District Deweyville 0-0 Evadale 0-0 Hull-Daisetta 0-0 Sabine Pass 0-0 West Hardin 0-0
  7. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 24-2A W-L School District Broaddus 0-0 Brookeland 0-0 Colmesneil 0-0 Dallardsville Big Sandy 0-0 Spurger 0-0 West Sabine 0-0
  8. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 23-2A W-L School District Gary 0-0 Joaquin 0-0 Martinsville 0-0 San Augustine 0-0 Shelbyville 0-0 Tenaha 0-0 Timpson 0-0
  9. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 23-3A W-L School District Anderson-Shiro 0-0 Coldspring-Oakhurst 0-0 Hardin 0-0 New Waverly 0-0 Onalaska 0-0 Tarkington 0-0 Trinity 0-0
  10. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 22-3A W-L School District Anahuac 0-0 Buna 0-0 East Chambers 0-0 Kirbyville 0-0 Kountze 0-0 Newton 0-0 Warren 0-0 Woodville 0-0
  11. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 21-3A W-L School District Corrigan-Camden 0-0 Diboll 0-0 Hemphill 0-0 Huntington 0-0 Lufkin Pineywoods 0-0 Nacogdoches Central Heights 0-0 Pollok Central 0-0
  12. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 22-4A W-L School District Bridge City 0-0 Little Cypress-Mauriceville 0-0 Lumberton 0-0 Orangefield 0-0 Silsbee 0-0 Vidor 0-0 West Orange-Stark 0-0
  13. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 21-4A W-L School District Hamshire-Fannett 0-0 Hardin-Jefferson 0-0 Huffman Hargrave 0-0 Liberty 0-0 Livingston 0-0 Shepherd 0-0 Splendora 0-0
  14. 2020-21 HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS BASKETBALL STANDINGS 17-4A W-L School District Carthage 0-0 Center 0-0 Lufkin Hudson 0-0 Jasper 0-0 Palestine 0-0 Rusk 0-0
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