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  1. Man I’m pulling for our locals!!!!! Get em Cougs, bring it home!!!!
  2. O you don't remember the 4 interceptions Ned threw? Lucky too I guess?
  3. Surely the Injuns loaded the box and got out of the 3 man front with TC only throwing 1 pass?
  4. Great job Stangs, NOTHING to hang your heads about......
  5. Yes.....Derek and an older one also, not sure if he played football though.
  6. I'll say this. IMO the Jimmy's and Joe's aren't there on the Defensive front for the Injuns. Add to that a green DC and well you know the rest. Just an observation. Faircloth has had lots of turnover through the yrs staff wise. Is it that he's tough to work with or his assistants are that sought after. Tough job as a DC when you only get the Jimmy's and Joe's the OC culls...
  7. My heart says the Dogs but I'm thinking the Ant Mound will be a tall order at home.....
  8. You need 3 good lineman in a 3 man front. Nose has to be a LOAD and demands a double team every snap. The other 2 have to be salty as well. No offense but if the Injuns dont have 3 good ones.....They are unlikely to have 4. The spread has changed things and alot of Defenses drop more in coverage by going with a 3 man front.....No doubt there's an X and O problem but a Jimmy and Joe problem 2. JMO
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