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  1. Picnic spoilers had a great year....Congrats
  2. The jury is still out on Tom. I guess my biggest disappointment would have to be OL play. He gets a pass this year due to injuries and youth on D. The rb situation speaks for itself. For what its worth, I'm of the opinion you give him another yr. Still cant wrap my head around our inability to win the line of scrimmages on both sides of the ball (especially on O). On the fence here.
  3. Mazyck is just a junior. He seems to have found a groove, cant wait to see him next year.
  4. Great game as usual......Congrats Injuns. I'm gonna bite my tongue now........
  5. At the end of the day its all in fun my friends.... Prayers for an injury free game tonight... God Bless us all and good luck to both teams.Peace
  6. Really wouldn’t make a difference either way... This game sells itself, with or without game of the week status... I’m gonna miss Home Field advantage, aka natural grass. I voted for turf but it was never a necessity imo. I’m all for any upgrades to our schools and facilities.
  7. NISD had to borrow canoes from the Slapahoe tribe this morning to mark the field....
  8. Exactly.... Who would even address it🍭🍭🍭🍭
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