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  1. Parents absolutely have a right to do what is best for their kid within the rules. However, if you truly believe that three parents of three 6'8" kids all happened to get a job in Houston and all decided to live in Yates' attendance zone then you are living in a dream world. Last year Yates had one 6'8" player (that became eligible mid way through the season) and he wasn't that good and did not play much. This year they have four 6'8" kids (three of which are seniors). The system is broken. The problem is in multiple areas. Did you know that two years ago Yates' enrollment was 1100? Now it is around 850. So, in a school that is in that drastic of a decline in enrollment, they still happen to have that many 6'8" kids there within the UIL rules? Yates has open enrollment and is a magnet campus, which pretty much makes it accessible to anyone and at the same time Yates has the right to deny student entry because of those same factors if a student does not reside in their zone. Therefore, they are able to manipulate their enrollment. In turn, the playing field is not leveled. How on earth in DISD and HISD does it make sense to have schools that vary in size from 3A all the way to 6A? Yes...DISD has a 3A school...Madison. Madison, by the way, has won basketball state championships in 3A, 4A, and 5A (before they renamed the classifications). The open enrollment and magnet status combined allow schools within large cities a decided and unfair advantage. The easy solution is to require that multiple high school districts that participate in open enrollment AND magnet programs cannot have schools participating in more than two classifications. Therefore, they can compete (based on enrollment) in 4A and 5A or 5A and 6A but they cannot have schools in 4A, 5A, and 6A. This should apply to all multiple high school districts because the open enrollment and magnet programs along with the sheer population of their city give them a decided advantage over districts that have only one high school.
  2. HJ won. What do they have to be sensitive about??
  3. There’s still business that needs to be taken care of Friday night for HJ to win district. Plus Silsbee still has two more district games.
  4. wussification of America reared it’s ugly head tonight. Hawk Hecklers told that they couldn’t “antagonize” players and fans. Where does it say that in the UIL rule book? Oh it doesn’t!! What an absolute joke. The Hecklers didn’t do anything wrong or anything different than they normally do!! Just someone with thin skin!! Great job Hawks on gutting out a tough win on a rough night!! And great job Hecklers on doing what y’all do!!
  5. Possibly the best student section of all time tonight!!! Well done Hawk Hecklers!!
  6. I give a lot of credit to the Hamshire Fannett kids they played hard. And with the new coach and all the new players they have become a team that isn’t a pushover each night as in years pasts. Now on the other hand HJ really needs to get out of their shooting slump. Only counted three threes that they made tonight and had to have been about 25% from the free-throw line again tonight. Missed 4/5 in final minute to allow HF to make it close. Hawk hecklers were on point tonight though!!!
  7. He’s solid. But there’s some solid kids behind Bush who is clearly the class of the district.
  8. Lumberton kids play hard for JM!! Just under matched and got tired. HJ didn’t hit a 3 until the 4th quarter. Lumberton is a playoff team though. This year will be interesting with BC, HF and Lumberton battling it out for playoff spots.
  9. My mistake Canton won 2 games last year and Mt Vernon was one of their wins. Mt Vernon had never beaten Canton before.
  10. Mt. Vernon won one game last year and had never beaten Canton in their school’s history before Friday night.
  11. Open enrollment doesnt make a kid eligible for UIL activities. Residency is what determines that. He should know he’s already being watched closely and if the “t’s” arent crossed and the “i’s” dotted H-F will find themselves in a bind. A sudden influx of players from Beaumont wont fly in that district. I hope he knows what kind of mess he’s creating for himself and the district.
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