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  1. Looks like smart school administrators & school board members. Making deals with the local industry to really benefit the kids with new school facilities.
  2. Never did I think PA basketball would ever fall off this bad. What is the deal?
  3. I personally like turf it’s benefits & playing on it but injuries are significantly higher on turf then grass There has been a professional company studying turf\ grass injuries for the NFL since 1980 All body injuries are 27% higher on turf then grass Non Contact Knee, ankle & foot injuries with more then 8 days recovery are 67% higher on turf then grass Non Contact Ankle injuries are 68% higher on turf then grass Non Contact Ankle injuries with more then 8 days recovery are 103% higher on turf then grass https://sportsfieldmanagementonline.com/2020/0
  4. Hope you are right this year because, Nederland has not been "real" since the Forney thru Weisbrod years. Last several years typical season is, rack up mostly soft pre-district schedule wins vs. lower classification teams, finish 3rd in district, then 1st rd loss in playoffs. Although I give the dogs credit for splitting district games 2 years ago with P.A. to be co-district champs. What is playoff record last 8 years? 1-7.....
  5. Congrats to A. Morse 2021 2nd team All GAC QB. Great numbers put up this year. https://hsusports.com/news/2021/11/16/football-curry-headlines-13-reddies-on-2021-all-gac-teams.aspx IMO I still have to agree with Stattrax & pngindiansfootball.com & go with D. Long as the best composure in the pocket, accuracy, poise, reading the defense, making the right decision, team leading, winning big games passing QB in Indian history. https://www.pngindians.com/football/dustin-long-class-of-1999/
  6. Just going with the years listed on pngindians.com they were on varsity, I knew Ky Walker was starter most games in '13, was'nt sure if he missed games with injury for Morse to play. I have no connection to any of the QB's or any disrespect to any. Just going on seeing each guy play & leading their teams in big games, I would take Long as the best passing QB.
  7. PNG CAREER PASSING YARDAGE -PNGINDIANS.COM 1. R. Johnson-2016-2018- 7,710. 30-8 record 2-1 vs. Nederland 2. A. Morse-2013-2015- 6,298. 23-11 record 0-3 vs. Nederland 3. D. Long-1997-1998- 6,173 30-7 record 2-1 vs. Nederland 4. B. Doty-2009-2010- 4,708 19-6 record 1-1 vs. Nederland 5 .B. Bost-2018-2020- 4,592 12-10 record 2-0 vs. Nederland MOST CAREER TD PASSES 1. R. Johnson- 85 2. A. Morse- 70 3. D. Long- 56 4. B. Bost- 44 5. B. Doty- 43 No doubt all 5 guys were very good, including
  8. This is Barrows 5th year as head coach. His teams made the playoffs his 1st 4 years. 2017-8-3\6-2, 3rd seed lost in 2nd rd to Manvel 2018-10-2\9-1, District Co-Champs, 2nd seed lost in 2nd rd to Marshall Mavericks 2019-4-7\4-3, 4 seed, lost in 1st rd to Manvel 2020- 9-3\\6-1, District Co-Champs,1 seed, lost in 3rd rd to Ft. Bend Marshall 2021-6-4\3-4, no playoffs Overall Record-37-19 Playoff Record-4-4 2-3 vs. PNG
  9. TEAM STATS THRU 5 DISTRICT GAMES Texas City Offense-36.4 pts. per game\ Texas City Defense-13.8 pts. allowed per game. PNG Offense-40.6 pts. per game\ PNG Defense- 42 pts. allowed per game. Texas City & PNG offenses score about the same, Texas City defense allows 28.2 fewer points per game. If defense wins championships then Texas City should win, but............ PNG has home field advantage & the Voo Doo magic with the ghosts of Indians past floating around the stadium on game nites which will probably lead to a purple pride win, if they keep the multiple turn
  10. Did P.A. add on for more classrooms/building space at the high school next to the baseball field the last couple years?
  11. I agree. Also Crosby kick returners are very dangerous. If png kicks it to #14 like Texas City did they will be in a bind trying to tackle him. He is the most explosive cat i've seen this year in district play.
  12. After watching png play united/BH & Crosby play Texas City. I don't believe the Indians can stop the high powered Crosby offense from putting up 50+. #10, #14 & #20 are legit & can score from anywhere on the field. Texas City defense was no slouch, legit players at every position & Crosby made them look like a JV squad. If Crosby plays defense the way they did vs. Texas City, PNG is in for a long nite, if the Crosby defense from BH game shows up then png will put up points to keep it respectable. The only way Crosby loses a district game this year is if they beat themselves wit
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