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  1. WORLD WIDE DEATHS FROM 1/1/2020 to 4/1/2020= www.worldmeters.info Flu deaths= 122,062 Covid-19 deaths= 46,491 Most "experts" say Covid-19 has a 99% recovery rate for high school aged humans playing baseball games if "infected" great thing about America is every one has the freedom to choose to play or not...well maybe lol.
  2. id, say its 50/50 on your statement. Just ask the Astros about how their good pitching worked out for them in the world series. lol
  3. B.H. & P.N.G. will dominate in the district & when they play it will be a highly intense competitive series. Both have solid hitting & pitching returning, Nederland has hitters returning but has to find some pitching fast. Which ever team makes the least mistakes will come out as champs. Nederland better worry about holding off P.A., Vidor & Dayton for a playoff spot. Here are the legit batting averages from last year Grant- .349, Butler- .333, Holton- .307, Cunningham- .285, Chandler- .220
  4. 21-5A 1.B.H./ P.N.G.- co-champs 3.VIDOR 4.DAYTON/NEDERLAND. Dayton wins play in game for 4th playoff spot. 6.P.A.M 7.CLEVELAND
  5. Yes, Jacob Mares was a senior last year. One of the most mentally tough players & best pressure situation clutch pitchers in Nederland baseball history. Hiltz had to give a quality ab & be a tough out every at bat or his mom would rip his azz. Tell your son thx for the kind words.
  6. The district title is Barbers Hill's to lose, solid pitching, great depth & their batting lineup will be very hard to keep from scoring plenty of runs. The Cauley kid is a hitting machine. Png has a very good, well coached team with a couple of players with the potential to be dominate on the mound, if they can step up in big games. Coach Carter will have to work some purple magic to slip by BH. C. Roccaforte & D. Guidry will be 2 of the best hitters in district. Nederland lost 4 starters & top notch defensive players at SS, 2nd, 1st & CF which also were the 1,2, & 3 batters in the lineup. 3 quality starting pitchers will also be gone to graduation along with a ton of senior leadership & experience. W.Butler, R.Cunningham & K.Grant are as good as any players in the district, but if the younger guys don"t step up at the plate & especially on the mound the dogs will struggle.
  7. Jerrod Gooch 6'4" 285 Guard -Texas Tech. Vidor class of 2007
  8. Mike Pierce was an All Conference/ All American DB at Mcneese. Been a coach at WOS for a few years.
  9. I don't think even open minded setx/409 area high school football fans would ever care about a new caney vs. porter game.
  11. If png keeps playing like they have the last 2 games & Ned does not pick up their level of play the next few games it will be 2 terrible teams playing in the Mid County Madness game.
  12. Proved his self last year as a work horse every down back that wore defenses down
  13. Nederland using Kade Scott as their main running back like last year & giving him 20+ touches a game will increase chances of beating any team left in district. He does a good job blocking at fullback but his overall talents are being wasted.
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