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  1. Pigskin Prep has it Aledo -8
  2. Well the LH fans sure thought they had won it for a second. It was a little confusing and I don’t think anyone was quite sure how the zebras would rule.
  3. Woodberry 6 Rec, 147 yards. 3 TD’s Marshall 7 Rec, 200 yards, 2 TD’s Looked to me like they were doubling on Marshall quite a bit. Didn’t do much good.
  4. It does seem like a “Play them 10 times and win once” kind of situation as Aledo goes for the “One for both thumbs” rings (‘81 Steelers) Maybe College Station got the once but certainly Crosby is capable of winning the game. They will need some breaks to go their way as they have thus far. I am rooting for Crosby to win but my head says Aledo 49-38.
  5. You’re not allowed to express that opinion. Canceling your pod now.
  6. Mostly agree with this, but FBM would not have beaten Huntsville this year. No Orange Bowl MVP D. Achane to save them this time. Waited all year for that. Thanks Crosby
  7. I’ll take Pop to beat Son. It’s crazy that this was supposed to be the season opener before Covid cancelled it. But here we are. Still surprised SLC knocked off Duncanville and did so without their coach.
  8. Crosby went to OT with both Huntsville and Liberty Hill. I think those two were better than FBM and Texas High. Huntsville and LH were very different types of teams so Crosby folks can decide who was best. I personally had Huntsville-Aledo in my predicted Final.
  9. Add Cedar Hill to the list
  10. I think Aledo’s last 3 opponents were ranked, below them of course.
  11. That’s the guy they put in after the starting RB broke his leg early on. I’m sure that program will just reload.
  12. True, I’ve been on a different wagon all year but I have really enjoyed the last few exits up the road with y’all. Thanks for driving. I might still find my way up to Arlington on Friday. We’ll see. If Crosby pulls this off, somebody needs to write a book. Definitely been a bright spot to take our mind off an otherwise difficult 2020 year.
  13. After an incredible run of defeating 4 straight undefeated teams, Crosby gets a break and plays a 12-1 team. No seriously, after this amazing run for Crosby, including two OT thrillers, I cant imagine they have enough left in the tank to match Aledo.
  14. Just an incredible game. Probably the best I’ve seen. Liberty Hill lost one of their top rushers to a broken tibia early on. That #42 had 1,150 yards rushing just in the playoffs. Very impressed with Liberty Hill. That’s a program that will consistently be a tough out. Crosby never trailed in the game but didn’t score in the 4th Qtr when they could have stayed 2 scores ahead. Also think Liberty Hill should have gone for 2 each time they scored in the first half. There odds are much better than 50%. Exciting finish as both teams thought they won at the end. First Crosb
  15. Definitely a season to remember for Crosby fans. 4 straight wins over ranked, undefeated teams. 2 OT playoff wins. State Final. Hell, I’m not a Crosby fan and I’ll remember it for a long long time. I’m so glad I’ve been able to watch these last 3 games in person.
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