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  1. Yeah Texbuzz you got it right. I thought Palestine repeatedly beat themselves with holding penalties, unsportsmanlike fouls, false starts, etc. Huffman didn’t move the ball at all in the 2nd half and I thought when Palestine pinned them back at the one yard line that the Falcons were in serious trouble. The 47 yard pass on 3rd and 8 was the dagger, and you could see Huffman come to life as they just steamrolled down the field and finished the 99 yard TD drive against a totally frustrated Wildcat team. Huffman defense played great and Good Luck in the next round.
  2. Pass intercepted in the end zone. Not it’s over
  3. Huffman squibs the kickoff and it is run back to the Huffman 29. Need to learn how to cover that. Not over yet
  4. 7 yard TD run puts Huffman up 19-10 with 2:13 left. Should almost do it.
  5. Huffman was in serious trouble at their own 3 yard line but get a huge 47 yard pass play to midfield on 3rd and 8. 4:12 left here.
  6. 30 yard FG for Palestine. Huffman now leads 12-10.
  7. Halftime. Huffman leading 12-7. 2nd half will start about 8:53 pm.
  8. 14 yard TD pass for Huffman. 2 pt conversion no good. Falcons lead 12-7.
  9. Huffman with a 30 yard TD run. PAT no good. 7-6
  10. Palestine with a 2 yard TD run on the opening drive 7-0.
  11. Game winning 32 yard FG by Center as time expires 31-30
  12. Connally takes the lead 30-28. PAT missed. Center driving to the Connally 40. 43 seconds left.
  13. Center with a 7 yard TD run. They take the lead 28-24. 5:53 left here.
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