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  1. Hardin, Huffman, and BC were in the Blue Pools. YMBL normally splits 1A-3A and 4A-6A unless a smaller school wants to play up. They did not do that this year. However, most of the 4A-6A schools were in the Blue Pools. I'm not sure how they split it up this year.
  2. They should be just fine. They return just about everyone from last year, including one of the best freshman players in our area.
  3. I wouldn’t say most, but there is a lot. Much more common when you get out of our areas.
  4. Absolutely! How many AD’s have passed through while she has remained? How many straight years did her volleyball teams make the playoffs? How many state championships? Oh, and she happens to have more career victories than any other volleyball coach in Texas history. She still does a lot more than coach golf. A lot of schools have girl coordinators/AD’s.
  5. Ahhh okay. So he has lost four starters from the beginning of the year?
  6. I agree. I've always thought he has done a very good job. So all three sisters were starters? The girl that broke her hand came off the bench?
  7. From my understanding Buna had three players move (two of them starters), and another starter break her hand. The fact they are still the three seed after losing that much is pretty impressive. According to MaxPreps they beat Silsbee and played Lumberton close when they had their entire team. Those two teams tied for the district championship 22-4A.
  8. One year I was coaching boys basketball and our freshman team was not very good. We had zero A team players from JH and our second best player had not played since he was seven. However, we played extremely hard. There were two games we played that year and I didn't know if we were going to score before halftime. We had trouble breaking the press, and when we did couldn't make a shot. Never did I expect the other team, at any point in the game, to start playing different. It was our job to break the press and make a shot. It was not their job to stop playing the way that they play. Even when t
  9. Could be because he made the playoffs 6 times in 12 years. In the previous 53 years or so they had only made it 6 times. I know it’s much easier to make the playoffs these days.
  10. I would say 28-18 would constitute as not getting ripped. If I remember right it was 28-12 when PN-G scored. Went for 2 but did not convert. Could have been a one score game. I worked with a guy that was on the offensive line for that PNG team and he said they felt like they were running the ball very well and had they stuck to the run they would have probably won. Maybe Ashly has some running stats from that game. I'm surprised that's all Kendall had on the ground. I felt like he ran for 200 yards.
  11. 8 years ago or so Lucas Lovejoy was the first team in UIL history to win state at one classification, move up the next year and win it again. That was part of their 5 straight state championships as they won three in 4A and then 2 in 5A. It would be cool to see it done again.
  12. Back to Back and should win again. The team was mostly sophomores when they won the first title, but they do have a new coach this year.
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