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  1. I don't think this is anywhere close to just the Astros. I think it may be a problem bigger than MLB knows at the moments. I'm thinking the fact this may be more wide spread than two teams is what kept Luhnow from being banned for life. I know a lot of sports writers thought that was coming. I have been Astros fan since for 30 years; since I discovered baseball and I agree with how hard MLB came down on the Astros and the firing of Hinch and Luhnow. This organization was under your control and you allowed cheating to take place. That's 100% unacceptable and whether you win or lose you need to do things the right way. However, I don't think there is truth to stripping them of the WS Title. You would have to strip so many WS Title's through the years if you did that. I think they need to try and hire Craig Biggio (don't know if he would be interested). Give the fans a familiar name and face and someone they feel like they can trust.
  2. Okay. I saw LCM earlier this year and they just played half court man to man. Didn’t foul much that game either. Very disciplined on defense.
  3. I can't imagine 4 teams ever being changed. Once UIL has went there, I can't imagine one being taken away. The problem I see with taking 4 teams is breaking into two different classifications for 2A-4A. The numbers seem to support the idea of two divisions and four teams making the playoffs much better in 5A and 6A. These are the percentages currently making the playoffs right now in 2A-4A: 2A D1: 68% of teams 2A D2: 71% of teams 3A D1: 60% of teams 3A D2: 61% of teams 4A D1: 70% of teams 4A D2: 71% of teams Some Regions have nearly 75% of teams making the playoffs. We will always see some 4 seeds beating 1 seeds because upsets happen and some districts are much stronger and deeper than others. I'm not 100% how it works, but Louisiana does some type of Power Ranking to seed the playoffs. Texas is way too big to do that across the state, but you could do that per Region. I'm sure for some districts the 5th place team may be better than a 3rd or 4th place team in the playoffs from another district. Since such a high percentage of teams are getting in why not seed each Region from #1-#16 and play it that way. That will also keep the possibility of two of the top teams meeting so early. I would like to see the end of such small districts when allowing four teams in, but I don't see how they can do that when there are only so many teams in a classification trying to fill 16 playoff spots per Region for 4 Regions.
  4. Kountze has won several times. PNG has won 3 I believe and Beaumont French won several. Very few teams from our area have even been to the state tournament. Huffman has their hands full with Midlothian. Midlothian should win that 3-0.
  5. I’m pretty familiar with Bellville and 4A. I coached at HF for 10 years. I remember Bellville from the days that Precious was owning the court. I’m much less familiar with 3A besides the 4 years o have been there. I don’t know the last time Woodville won district. Central Heights has dominated that district. The problem Woodville has encountered several years is they run into Hardin in round two. I thought they were upset in round 1 last year but then would have run into East Bernard in the second round. Very tough 2nd round games. CH, WV, and Diboll are very good this year. One of them may have to play EB in the second round right now. There will be worse teams in the Region advancing to round 3.
  6. The coverage is not very good. If it wasn’t for Elam, we wouldn’t know the scores to hardly any games. KOGT does a good job of reporting Orange County, but I believe coaches report the scores unless Van is at the game. Coaches also don’t do a great job of reporting scores. However, how many football coaches have to report scores on Friday nights? I get volleyball isn’t going to get any coverage on Fridays, but it could be covered much better on Tuesdays. As to the rankings, the guy who makes them goes off maxpreps or what is sent to him. I know some of those records are inaccurate. And, missing from 3A is Woodville. They are a very good volleyball team and Central Heights, Diboll, and Woodville may all be top 15 teams in the state...coming from the same district.
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