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  1. LUMBERTON BY 6(wishful thinking). Mitchell coaches hard and his kids play harder.
  2. There is no way WH beats San Augustine. 11 and 21 are nice but the speed of SA is way too much. SA by 15.
  3. I'm ready to see your Diboll v EC line next round! I think you nailed these. I think Kountze plays CS tough...coaching matters and Joub>Devers
  4. Fairfield is coached by one of the best young minds in the state. He’s never an easy out in the playoffs
  5. I agree. Grapeland guards are the real deal. I think they have too much for shelbyville to handle.
  6. You’re good! No harm no foul. Busy time of the year for y’all.
  7. There wasn’t an obvious ignore. I was in a hurry and just glanced real quick over stuff and didn’t see it. I appreciate all you and AAW do for SETX basketball
  8. One game per week. Friday night games are allowed because its after school lets out for the weekend. 2 games/day in tournament play unless its a Saturday only tournament then you can get 3 in.
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