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  1. Being that I was close to the team, I knew we had lost a ton of talent and experience. I just wasn't going to say anything despite Dave Campbell picking us 2nd. Next man up. My moto in my bass fishing tournaments is "5x3, No Excuses". For United football it simply will be "No Excuses"...
  2. Yep, I guess I shouldn't expect everyone to work as hard as Toby Foreman did at Central and Peevy does at WB to get kids looked at...
  3. This part has not been good at all the past 2 years. Hopefully that changes with Graham...
  4. Official introduction and press conference for Coach Graham is Monday @ 1:30pm at the BISD athletic complex.
  5. From what I was told, he is being allowed to bring in some staff. I don't know how many "some" is. Just working out the tangibles in the contract now...
  6. School Record y Beaumont United 13-1 y Galena Park North Shore 13-1 y Beaumont West Brook 9-5 y Deer Park 8-6 LaPorte 6-8 Baytown Sterling 5-9 Channelview 0-12 Sheldon C.E. King 0-12 y = clinched a playoff spot Tuesday, February 11 LaPorte 39 @ United 53 North Shore 58 @ West Brook 35 Deer Park 64 @ Sterling 35 Channelview @ King End of district play Friday, February 14 United vs North Shore @ LaPorte
  7. Marcus Graham, is currently at Duncanville, is from Beaumont and graduated from Central in 91. He was a head coach in El Paso for 9 years prior to going to Duncanville...
  8. He had talent, so much so that he didn't know what to do with it. Good riddance...
  9. So we can't find out who our head coach will be or get our schedule? Guess I will have to piece together our schedule from everyone else's...
  10. School Record y Beaumont United 12-1 y Galena Park North Shore 12-1 y Beaumont West Brook 9-4 Deer Park 7-6 LaPorte 6-7 Baytown Sterling 5-8 Channelview 0-12 Sheldon C.E. King 0-12 y = clinched a playoff spot Friday, February 7 United 53 @ Channelview 47 Sterling 34 @ North Shore 68 West Brook 63 @ LaPorte 59 King 14 @ Deer Park 46 Tuesday, February 11 LaPorte @ United North Shore @ West Brook Deer Park @ Sterling Channelview @ King End of district play
  11. Bro, I really believe it's just her, nobody else. If the AD and Principal want someone but she want sign off on it, then their decision is dead in the water. I wonder how much football coaching has she done in her life... Plus I really do believe that she doesn't want BU to have anywhere close to the success of the red and blue school...
  12. I was also told Monday that Jasper was trying to get us on the schedule but it was for Week 4. United was trying to get them for Week 3 so that we could have Week 4 as our BYE week leading into district play. Jasper settled for HJ.
  13. I was told Monday that Jasper and United were talking about playing but it would have had to have been during week 4 and United didn't want that because that is normally their bye week before district play.
  14. Well when I reported it, it was straight from a coaches mouth...
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