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  1. I think he has been a difference maker for this squad. Despite having 4 losses at this point compared to last years team having 0, I think this is a better team than last years squad and will get passed the 2nd round unlike last years.
  2. Soulja, I told you and Q last night at the game that WB would make the playoffs. You know I could care less about the school but I like the coach and the young lady's. After Friday's game, they will be at the halfway point and I see a 3 way tie coming for the 3rd and 4th spots at 4-3 between WB, LaPorte and DP. The second half of this schedule is going to be so important. Don't count Sterling out yet either if they can get a win over DP Friday.
  3. School Record Galena Park North Shore 6-0 Beaumont United 5-1 Beaumont West Brook 4-2 LaPorte 4-2 Deer Park 3-3 Baytown Sterling 2-4 Channelview 0-6 Sheldon C.E. King 0-6 Tuesday, January 14 North Shore 68 @ Sterling 36 LaPorte 52 @ West Brook 73 Channelview 14 @ United 64 Deer Park 62 @ King 36 Friday, January 17 United @ LaPorte Sterling @ Deer Park King @ Channelview West Brook @ North Shore
  4. This irks me!!! Can't find them on here. Can't find them on Maxpreps. Can't find them on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The district chairman (Channelview) can't even give you girl basketball finals. Lucky I've established a method (email, messenger, text) to contact just about every coach in our 6A district and with Soulja's help we get it done.
  5. I agree with you, open gym is usually full of boys but several of our girls on our team grew up playing with boys and it shows on game days. I would have to say non of them are pure shooters, more of scorers because they will get their points from a variety of ways.
  6. He answered the church part for me and you'd be surprised bro how much influence goes on in Beaumont because of this church. For the 2nd part of your question, nobody in particular. AL didn't even apply for the position but they went and sought him out. They THOUGHT he was the right man for the job. I noticed that a lot of Ozen faithful thought so as well, unlike the Central alumni. There was a list of 70 applicants (meaning people that actually wanted the job), with various amounts of experience from guys that would have been first time head coaches to guys that had won state titles. I feel the majority of the guys on that list could have went 7-13 over the 2 year span but most would have done better and made the playoffs at least one year if not both. I didn't start this topic but I'm glad the AL era is over with...
  7. He would have been a better fit than the now 2nd time retiree but like Soulja said, if the Superintendant doesn't like you, you don't have a shot in hell.
  8. Good article. I'd be surprised if he makes it a year at Texas A&M...
  9. Shouldn't have never been given the opportunity to be the head coach at United in the first place. He didn't have the energy to do the job and that came out of his mouth before he was given the job. But he belonged to THAT church in Beaumont and one thing they do is look out for each other over there. So happy for the kids on my side of the freeway to be moving on from this. Hopefully the AD does what's best for the kids this time around because like i told him in conversation, he failed at that with his last hire. Give our kids the same opportunity as you do the ones on the other side of the freeway...
  10. School Record Galena Park North Shore 5-0 Beaumont United 4-1 LaPorte 4-1 Beaumont West Brook 3-2 Deer Park 2-3 Baytown Sterling 2-3 Channelview 0-5 Sheldon C.E. King 0-5 Friday, January 10 Sterling 33 @ LaPorte 59 Deer Park 33 @ North Shore 46 King 25 @ United 57 West Brook 66 @ Channelview 23 Tuesday, January 14 North Shore @ Sterling LaPorte @ West Brook Channelview @ United Deer Park @ King
  11. I attend all of the BU games so I get those myself. North Shore and Sterling usually posts theirs on Maxpreps the next day. I have established a contact method with the WB coach. Deer Park post all of their athletic results on their Twitter page. Last year LaPorte was good at posting on Twitter but has fell off this year. Channelview and King is the worst as for getting scores from. I have an open email account with the 21-6A district chairman but sometimes he doesn't even have the results in a timely manner.
  12. Man you don't know what I had to do to get some of those scores 🙄
  13. School Record Galena Park North Shore 4-0 Beaumont United 3-1 LaPorte 3-1 Deer Park 2-2 Beaumont West Brook 2-2 Baytown Sterling 2-2 Channelview 0-4 Sheldon C.E. King 0-4 Tuesday, December17 United 58 @ North Shore 61 Channelview 36 @ LaPorte 47 West Brook 42 @ Deer Park 49 King 42 @ Sterling 58 Friday, December 20 Deer Park 24 @ United 56 LaPorte 46 @ King 36 Sterling 39 @ West Brook 59 North Shore 50 @ Channelview 28 Friday, January 3 Sterling 51 @ United 66 North Shore 46 @ LaPorte 38 Deer Park 48 @ Channelview 43 West Brook 55 @ King 30 Tuesday, January 7 United 59 vs West Brook 45 @ Ford Arena King 17 @ North Shore 75 LaPorte 45 @ Deer Park 37 Channelview 41 @ Sterling 49 Friday, January 10 Sterling @ LaPorte Deer Park @ North Shore King @ United West Brook @ Channelview
  14. Pay them the money and bring in a top notch coach and staff... Salary pay range is $82,245 - $118,757.00 / Per Year
  15. Yea he would have at least jet sweeped us to the 1st round...😂...and have quite a bit more playing at the next level with the work he puts in to get kids exposure.
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