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  1. I agree on Sterling being in the bottom spot but I wouldn’t say LaPorte is eliminated just yet. The Bulldogs probably won’t get in themselves but just as they did last year to United, they could play spoiler for a bubble playoff team. And what about Channelview?
  2. No problem, I'll get the results from the district chairman every Monday and Wednesday. As is with girls basketball, it can be tough getting results for girls sports.
  3. School Record Baytown Sterling 1-0 Deer Park 1-0 Galena Park North Shore 1-0 Sheldon C.E. King 1-0 Beaumont United 0-1 Beaumont West Brook 0-1 Channelview 0-1 LaPorte 0-1 Friday, September 13 United 0 @ Sterling 3 Deer Park 3 @ Channelview 0 LaPorte 2 @ North Shore 3 King 3 @ West Brook 2 Tuesday, September 17 North Shore @ King Deer Park @ LaPorte Sterling @ Channelview West Brook @ United
  4. I really don’t want to jump the gun with us. Yes I am a big time believer but for the Timberwolves to make the playoffs, it is one game at a time. Nobody can be over looked starting with Sterling for us next week. I agree North Shore and West Brook should be locks. If we can get one of those other spots, great. I predicted CE King which would have my neighbors on the west side going D1 which doesn’t favor them. Either Channelview or Deer Park could get in to help out the Bruins. I personally think it would be Deer Park over Channelview...
  5. One more question for the PA folks before I let this thread be retired. What was the deal with all of the Titans having to leave the field for the helmets coming off? I counted at least 7 times that a Memorial players helmet came off...
  6. BYE - Baytown Sterling, Beaumont United, Beaumont West Brook, Channelview, Deer Park, Galena Park North Shore, LaPorte Clear Brook @ Sheldon C.E. King
  7. I didn't think it would be that lopsided but it could have easily been more than 42...
  8. It’s currently on the bubble, just depends on what the magic number is. I’d prefer to stay 6A. With the size of the 2022 (600+) and 2023 (700+) classes and the classes forecast to come after them, if we dropped, it would only be for 2 years before going back up.
  9. I’ll tell you my predictions for those games the week of those games. You may not be convinced but it felt good putting 35 points on your dogs. Word is we will be looking for week 1 and 2 games next year because Nederland will be taking us off the schedule. They see what’s coming...
  10. Maybe you should get a few more of those kids from PA...
  11. Is the other PAM QB that’s a senior being utilized somewhere else on the field?
  12. I’m good Grad, I’m just going to address the guys that you don’t hear from unless it something negative...
  13. So if we loose to St. Pius, Nederland and Memorial, then we are (add whatever adjective you want to) but since we beat them, THEY are having a down year? St. Pius recruits, not our problem their recruiting was down this year... Nederland has lost to what I'd say or 3 playoff bound teams in WO-S, United and Silsbee. Nothing to hang their head about. Nederland will make the playoffs and battle for their district championship. Port Arthur Memorial lost to a 6A Deer Park team that will be a playoff contender. Titans are full of athletes and they will make the playoffs and battle for the district championship. Not saying we will best NS or WB but the 2019 Timberwolves will make believers out of doubters and haters like you...
  14. Bro as always, you are on point with post game analysis. We could have easily had 49 points last night and against Nederland if not for self imposed mistakes...
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