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  1. I can not believe some of the things I am reading on this thread.
  2. Man back in the day it was so packed. So live!! Hope to see it get back that way
  3. Yeah that’s who he is talking about but he is just messing around with me lol I know Coach 01 very well and he is trying to be funny lol
  4. Lol you are childish!!! Silsbee was loaded most of those years
  5. Yes sir for sure. I was a sophomore that year and didn’t play much. That HJ team was good and Donahoe was really really good. Silsbee had William Harper, Terrance Jones, Terrance Lewis, sophomore Shannon Robinson, etc. Silsbee was loaded that year also
  6. Yes sir we were loaded back then. The Stallworth vs Prudhomme and Bosha matchups were good games. Just like the Robinson Vs Benard
  7. I wasn’t being rude or anything my man! Just saying those guys didn’t play against each other
  8. Absolutely! I think this year and next year will be close games but then silsbee will start a strong run again!
  9. This rivalry used to be huge. I loved playing in it! I’m thinking the games this year will be much closer. I still see silsbee winning but it will be a great close game.
  10. That was never the matchup lol the matchup was Robinson/Stallworth Vs. Benard/Burrell
  11. Again, people said the same thing when the people that actually knew how special the McCain, Adams, Bush, Tyler group was. “It’s way to early”, “middle school success does not equal high school success”, blah blah... I know all of that. But I also know talent. When this 8th grade group is combined with the freshman group as 10th/11th graders and the following year as 11th/12th graders... that team will be absolutely loaded. When the 8th graders are Seniors, they will also have a freshman that will probably be the best player to ever come through silsbee. Very very “Bush-like”. Trust me, silsbee is not going to be as strong as there were for this year and next year, but after that... it will start right back up. Silsbee will always be competitive.
  12. They said the same thing back when McCain and them were in middle school. I posted on here that silsbee would not lose a district game for 4 years straight and would win state at least twice. People laughed and argued with me for days. Then boom it happened. This 8th grade group right now is just as good as that group but deeper. They have two BIG TIME players. If they all stay in silsbee it will happen again
  13. District starts this week for this district and I am curious to see how everyone feels it will turn out this year. OF is probably still the favorite to win the district even with their record. They played a tough pre district schedule. Max Preps is Useless right now because most teams are not entering their scores. I do know that EC and Kountze have played twice already. Kountze beat them by 17 the first time and EC beat Kountze by 3 the second time. Records according to Maxpreps Buna ( 0-1) OF (0-6) Warren (0-6) Kountze (8-8) East Chambers (10-6) Kirbyville (4-2) Hardin (5-0) Anahuac (3-3)
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