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  1. Kountze Volleyball is looking to fill the following open dates on their schedule. Please email the AD at [email protected] if interested. Thank you! August 14 August 25 August 28
  2. Pretty neat for me to be able to say that 8 of these kids have put on a SETX Heat uniform in the past. Really awesome kids to be able to travel and coach! I knew they would be special!! Kasen Bush McClure Hefner Warren Martin Ceasar Loftin
  3. Anahuac 2 Warren 7 Hardin 0 Kirbyville 5 (I heard) Kountze 7 EC 1
  4. It’s equally as intense. They just don’t have two big bodied D1 players lol
  5. Btw. #24 for Lumberton (McClure) is really really good. Kid has potential to be the real deal
  6. The deal with the refs ANY time when playing Silsbee is simple. If they come out calling a loose game (like they did tonight) it is hard for any team to handle their pressure. The refs could have easily called 20-25 fouls on silsbee in the first half. Their aggressive defense turns into fast break points that other teams can’t keep up with. If the refs come out and call a tight clean game, silsbee has to back up and not play AS aggressive. Silsbee was NOT playing dirty. They were playing how they are taught to play the game from the age of 6 in little dribblers.
  7. It sure has lol but people can't come on here and disrespect Silsbee like that lol lets look up the history of Silsbee vs all schools in this area on all levels. PLEASE someone do this for me
  8. Enlighten me. Because I sure don't know. I know of ONE that moved in middle school.
  9. People should not include Silsbee in this recruiting trend going on. Silsbee has been dominating SETX in basketball for a long time with SILSBEE kids. Bigger schools that Silsbee should NEVER be able to play with. It is what we do from Silsbee and people really really hate that. On all levels!!! Name me 3 BASKETBALL players that have moved to Silsbee in HIGH SCHOOL to help them win in the last 10 years.
  10. Anahuac shot 63 free throws against Warren at home. 16 of them in one overtime.
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