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  1. As the playoffs continue, picking the winner is going to get harder and harder. This week, EVERYONE MISSED the Aledo/South Oak Cliff pick! But, EVERYONE GOT the North Shore/Katy Tompkins game correct! Cumulative Playoff and Overall Season Results Below Regional Semi-Final Round Results 20 Mr. Buddy Garrity Wo-s#1 19 Longhorn63 Fathead No-look 18 TXHorn_et PDAWG119 bullets13 Workbootz RaiderGirl2010 WOSdrummer99 17 RetiredFan1 aTmfan06 Te
  2. Cumulative Playoff and Overall Season Results Below Area Round Results 21 No-look 20 aTmfan06 19 Lightning/Eagle Texaslonghorn14 Wo-s#1 AggiesAreWe WOSdrummer99 Navydawg31 18 RetiredFan1 Chester86 TXHorn_et PDAWG119 Longhorn63 One4all Uknowit2 STANGFAN#1 17 Bigdaddy79 DP#1FAN 16 Mr. Buddy Garrity Ty Cobb Pepper Brooks Workbootz Fathead RaiderGirl2010 15 Austin1985
  3. It was pretty. Was also the 5th foul on BH’s big man.
  4. Big 3 by Davis, made free throws HJ builds another lead. HJ 72 BH 63 3:07
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