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  1. There will be no Montalvo at Evadale this year. I’m pretty sure he will be at Kelly.
  2. We played both Deweyville and Hull Daisetta this year and Deweyville was hands down the better team. I however know that our district is down this year and unfortunately nobody in our district will make it out of the first round. Tenaha,West Sabine,Cushing and Lovelady will beat anyone in our district easy.
  3. You are in a dream world my friend. Did you forget the fumble inside the 5 late in the 3rd or early in the 4th. Just look at the stats I think y’all had less than 10 yards more offense and nowhere near the fumbles Evadale had. Not to mention first time that kid at qb had ever taken a snap. I saw no big standouts on that team whatsoever. That one kid that returned the 2nd half was ok but you take away that long run and he really had nothing. Not impressed at all 12 fumbles with 4 lost and 2 jacked up interceptions. It should have been a blowout if you had some big play makers. Evadale o-line b
  4. Evadale will definitely win if they keep the fumbles down. 12 last week and 6 for turnovers with one inside Daisettas 5. Take that out of the equation and Evadale wins by 10.
  5. Definitely a good game. Quarterbacks first game he has ever played at qb and you could definitely tell. I am just flabbergasted by how many center qb exchange fumbles and interceptions. Had to have had at least 10 snap fumbles unbelievable. The kids on both sides played hard and was a great game. Good luck rest of the season HD! We are going to take down the pirates and shake the district up!! I think you all might have a little different opinion of those Rebels after tonight’s game. But what’s football without a little smack talk. Good luck guys!
  6. Touchdown Rebels 2 Pt conversion no good 14-8 rebels.
  7. Wow for a team not playing for two weeks Evadale making HD look bad! Especially since there are only Deweyville and HD in this district. Lmbo!
  8. Why do we care that you are bad mouthing the district? What point are you trying to make ? I’m not understanding it’s kinda weird!
  9. Evadale by 6, HD has not been impressive at all. The two teams they have played and won are bad. One was a Christian school and was the very first game. The loses they have are from teams that only win so far this season have came by beating HD. I think someone is a little overly hyped about HD this year. I guess because they have been dominated by Evadale in the past and it hurts!
  10. The reason for the denial of transfer for the most part was because of absence. Some of the students denied were marked unexcused absent when they were actually at basketball, baseball and track events so it incorrectly showed these students with 15-20 absences. It was corrected and they were allowed back in.
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