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  1. West Brook Scrimmage 1 P.A.Memorial Scrimmage 2 PNG Week 1 Beaumont United Week 2 Tomball Memorial Week 3 Houston Lamar Week 4 Deer Park Week 5 Humble Week 6 Off Week 7 North Shore Week 8 Kingwood Week 9 Summer Creek Week 10 CE King Week 11 Atascocita
  2. I sure hope so. If they play against SJ, like they played the first half against Kingwood, I dont think the Crusaders have a chance. And yea, provided we win, we'll be playing a Creek school in the 3rd round.
  3. Can the Bruins beat the same team twice in one season? Your thoughts.
  4. I truly had no idea this kind of thing went on. Earning a gold trophy for winning a state title seems a little less special, now, if you have all those other ones. Just my thoughts.
  5. I wasnt aware that you got a trophy for every win, no. SMH. I guess it's part of that no team left behind crap.
  6. Question. Does everyone that wins a Bi-District playoff game get a trophy, or is it just a Longview thing? Dude's be partying with a first round playoff win trophy. https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.easttexasmatters.com%2Fsports%2Ffriday-football-fever%2Ffff-game-of-the-week-longview-flexes-muscle-rolls-into-round-2-wins-41-10-over-temple%2F%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1RuF3OLFrskAdf9MWcBoCa_HwiunTjEe95cNBqV4ybx-uTidgt-43nJFY&h=AT1L3Le7Q9NaFfXUtz9Dduei2PzCkS4vQ2dqgX40rM0QJe_sqRt2Y_pbyCLFEJbQEQ_LFoPp_mJ0PqvjYqhA3AhU4Ja7Si1idLuTQu3fSo4OYNLuWomyvxBkwa4sYdhjzlasukMRynctYGnE50zgmplhTiGC_XSmIE4
  7. Well, that may be true, but West Brook still looked much better than when they played Sterling, LaPorte, King, United, and especially Deer Park. If they keep doing their thing, and keep improving every week, I think they could find themselves back in the state championship game. I'll be there to root them on.
  8. This is the most balanced, best game I've seen Brook play all season. If they continue to play like this, a return trip to Arlington could be possible. Bruins look really good!
  9. Completely 100% agree. If you legitimately play hard, and lose to a lesser team, then you dont deserve to represent 21-6A in the playoffs. If you intentionally throw a game in order to improve your playoff standing, then you're a schmuck, and you have no integrity, and you shouldn't represent 21-6A. By losing, WB ensured DP going D1,and WB goes the weaker D2, guaranteeing a longer playoff run. Either way, the Bruins shouldn't have lost to the Deer. Its despicable.
  10. Damn shame. Eric Peevey needs to check himself. That's inexcusable.
  11. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day West Brook intentionally threw a game in order to better their playoff game position. If you say they didnt throw the game, and actually played them hard, then my opinion of this team went in the toilet, and we should simply bow out of the playoffs in order to save face, because we suck. What the hell is going on over on Phelan Blvd?
  12. Calpreps has is Atascocita 38 West Brook 35. Nobody thought Brook would make it all the way to state, last year, either.
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