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  1. You're probably right. That doesnt mean I cant beat you with my cane. Lol! Listen man, we are both pulling for the same team, here, we just have a different outlook on it. I'm hard on my team. I've always been hard on them. It doesnt mean that I'm not as passionate about them, or want to see them win any less than you. We just have a difference of opinion, and that's fine. We all know nobody is beating anybody up, as much as you'd probably like to. Lol! The point is, we should be cheering for them, together. If you think I'm a loud mouth, well, you're probably not the only one. But, I'm not afraid to call it like I see it. Regardless, I dont take this stuff serious enough to go trolling another poster on Facebook, and you shouldn't, either. But, if you still want to beat me up, if you can catch my old decrepit ass, you probably have the size/weight advantage over me, which is why I think I can outrun you. Lol! #BGOE
  2. Besides, I'm pretty sure if he wanted to beat me up, i can outrun him. 🤣
  3. He didnt graduate from West Brook with me. I'm an old, Rob. Lol
  4. This is a white thing, isn't it? You dont like me because I'm white, huh. Lol! And what does the fact that I live in Lumberton have to do with my opinion of West Brook football? I've been watching Brook games since you were an itch in your daddy's pants. Lol
  5. Nope, they were 5-1, having lost to Strake Jesuit in week 2.
  6. Respect is a two way street, Todd. To have it given to you, it must be earned.
  7. You're probably correct. We should beat LaPorte, Deer Park, and Sterling. We wont beat North Shore. His presence in those games wont effect the outcome. On the flipside, if he is able to play, let him get some game time so he's ready to go come playoffs. Just my thoughts.
  8. Your example? Even when I was a moderator in this board, years ago, you were making snide remarks, getting under people's skin, and putting your nose in other people's business. You are your own biggest fan. You are not respected on this board, by posters, and other moderators alike. Do yourself a favor, and try going back to radio broadcasting.
  9. Yeah, you're definitely a homer. Got your head so far up their a$$, you cant see the forest from the trees. You are definitely not objective enough. When I made the comment about your golden boy QB, he wasnt playing well. Notice I haven't said much about his play, recently? That's because his play has definitely improved. However, it's just made us true football fans notice the next weak link. I'm not afraid to speak my mind, and if you dont agree with it, that's your problem. Yes, they are 6-0, but there is need for improvement. I'm not going to sit here and sell anybody a false Bill of goods because they're not in the same category as Katy, or North Shore. So, why would I give them praise for dominating teams when they haven't done that?
  10. You know, as a moderator, you're suppose to lead by example, Sanchez. If I could post a middle finger emoji, you'd get one. SMH. Grow up, little man.
  11. Rumor I heard tonight is, Jakobi Holland has been at practice this week, and is likely going to play against North Shore. Not trying to read too much into it, but he could be a game changer.
  12. Calpreps has it United 28 Channelview 20. Hmmmmm
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