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  1. With EC rebuilding and not knowing if Lumberton is improved from last year. I will give Lumberton a slight edge.
  2. As a junior and senior in '94 and '95 we had our last names on the back of our jerseys at EC. We were 2A at the time.
  3. This game doesn't get near the attention it deserves
  4. Hope this win gives EC some confidence moving forward.
  5. Well I was kind of hoping EC would keep it close. Oh well.
  6. I don't expect a whole lot from them this year, they are young and lost alot of talent on both sides of the ball.
  7. What do we know about West Rusk. Classification, tradition?
  8. Do you happen to have the link to this list?
  9. That is amazing, I had the privilege of him being my Track coach at East Chambers before he became EC's head football coach. He was a great mentor, a man of faith. I don't think there was a student athlete whose life he did not affect I some way or another. Just wish I had the privilege of him being my football coach. Congratulations Coach Evans.
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