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  1. you need to just stay in the basketball thread
  2. Please hurry and get here im so sick of round ball already ..
  3. Other than BC and HJ who are some good teams to watch out for ? And who are some good prospects? I know a lot of them just seeing if any new kids have stepped up
  4. The way that boy eats at the house he better be lmao
  5. Bell and Buse will really need to step up on the defense and plug up the middle and come away with some sacks.
  6. its all good they do a great job. I didn't know at the time they were the KOGT broadcasters, I thought it was a Texas Live team. A little love never hurt anyone
  7. Might be the best thing I've ever heard you say about Silsbee....Might start liking you after all. lol
  8. I would like to hear it with Sanchez also ……
  9. I’m assuming the announcers for the Silsbee / WOS game on Texaslive are from orange
  10. Your 50+ and just called me bro lol come on Mike
  11. Well guess what you don't have to go!!!!! I hope your A$$ stays in the gym watching basketball lol
  12. I'm with you I'd like to see Brisco get a few snaps.. Cant do any worse IMO. On Fosters defense he's not required to make reads or look for check downs.. he's told where to throw it and when... Cartwright is not a big enough and not a fast enough receiver to just throw a jump ball or hope he's able to go and get it....
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