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  1. We got that Village Creek water.... That high quality H2O
  2. You spelled Silsbee wrong .... just saying
  3. if ya scared … say ya
  4. Defense wins this for Silsbee 30-14
  5. The defensive Line for Silsbee will have their way with Vidor. Best chance is to come out passing for Vidor!!
  6. Really happy about this decision to grant spring sports an extra year of eligibility. Hate it for the basketball and other sports.
  7. 8-6 Silsbee over Livingston Lead off can flat swing it 2Hr and a double
  8. That’s on me lol ... i was watching game lol
  9. 22-4a BC will walk away with it.. I think the next 3 is basically a coin flip with HJ/Silsbee/ HF/ LCM and you can’t count out lumberton
  10. awwwww that's sweet you said we are friends
  11. you need to just stay in the basketball thread
  12. Please hurry and get here im so sick of round ball already ..
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