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  1. Well I’m just curious what it will take for the Silsbee fans to stand up? . we score a touch down and half the stands are sitting ... I promise you the food isn’t bad .. but it’s not that good ... I promise you the players see that
  2. Everyone always complains about coach ... blah blah blah .. then goes 5 rounds deep and he’s the best thing since sliced bread ... trust the process ... Yes I would love to to see wins but would rather another deep run ... If you can do better step up and quit being sideline coaches
  3. #25 for PNG might have the best sportsmanship I’ve ever seen in a player ... Hats off to him and his parents
  4. Not playing dirty.. just bad non calls ..both ways
  5. Hope so ….. will be running for his life
  6. With Garth being out key to the game will be the Def. line. With Bell, Lawrence and Roundtree. Big 3 upfront will give Bost fits all night
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