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  1. My prediction score in this post was a total of 7 points off. GCM is much improved, but PAM offensive play calls was horrible after the first drive. We are predictable. No awareness on special teams... gotta clean that up. GCM will be a playoff team!!!
  2. Really??? Press box gate???? Lol guessing this is the most entertainment that. And from this game lol
  3. I’ll take an ugly win any day!! Just beat the brakes off Ball... I’ll be a drunken fool in the stands at the chicken box next week lol
  4. I’m outside the stadium and United let ball score??? Lol
  5. this photo is super old lol...they play soccer at spoor field for the past 3-4 years
  6. im gonna double check cause they did alot of work around the stadium i felt like they tore the visiting press box. ill be there tomorrow around noon to get my girls from school.
  7. If I wasn’t at work today, I’ll shoot u some pics... press box is on one side and it’s tiny
  8. Let’s bet a dinner!!!! Any price!!! My son just graduated in that chicken box lol...
  9. It’s windy every night on the rock lol... depending on what time the front moves through
  10. School taxes go to Hitchcock, eve thing else LaMarque
  11. Mine go to Hitchcock. I live in LaMarque, but Hitchcock school district
  12. They do not have press boxes on both sides. My in-laws own property literally on the corner of Ave N and 28th, big yellow house with garage apartment behind it
  13. Dude u trippin... everyone except u knows Ball High is the school I need to lose in everything when they play PA... get it right LaMarque would be my “second “ school
  14. PAM 26. GCM 14 PAM poor special teams play Keeps it close till the 4th qtr
  15. sounds like its back to the way it was when i was in HS. During the playoffs, it was no stupid tourney. each game was an individual game at a neutral site
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