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  1. And YOU said it was fine and I was overreacting lol
  2. i believe PAM might have a shot. why?? The weather. not because of its going to be a little chilly(50's), but because of the threat of a strong north wind. that should help slow NC passing attack. If the man behind the curtain don't get cute with the ball and keep it to the little screens, they might be okay. also any heavy passing teams out there, do yall think this will be a problem for teams like West Brook?
  3. Couldn’t have said it better and that might be a more realistic score...then again you have us kicking a fig with an extra point, which we are horrible at...
  4. you never know what defense gonna show up. i seen them give up 3rd and forever...i seen them over pursue. we have no linebackers to get pressure.
  5. he is white bread with some soul sprinkled in him lol
  6. Sounds like he was using as a slang. In my house, I rather u drop an F bomb than use that word slang or not
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