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  1. Ball has a new coach thats coming from Katy or North Shore, can't remember. Friendswood reminds me of Nederland, not flashy and the bad years they can go 6-4. Laporte gonna be that grind it out team and win close or lose close. no disrespect, but Lee is the baytown school i think will be the best. last i saw looks like every year they improve. United gonna disappoint imo. new coach have to get his system in...losing key guys etc... PAM- not saying we gonna win district, BUT if the QB has physically grown and let the JUNIOR #28 run ball and NOT Cheney(except in short yardage and when the defense is winded) coaching will hold us back from making any kind of a deep run. i see PAM finishing anywhere in the top 3, but realistically top 2. depends on which united team show up for the season. crazy, but united actually dictates where everyone will fall.
  2. it takes me an hour and 30 minutes to get home from port arthur to i about an hour and 20 min for you
  3. They played very well in the 1st qtr. the web looked like cam newton lol... if you have him time he made u pay. Pressure u can get him to throw it away, except once in the 2nd qtr lol. Titans D shut down the run game in the first half. Morgan killed the momentum with that stupid gadget play in the second. I left at halftime... too cold... despite the score, they showed more effort to me this loss than the other beatings. Looking forward to next year though!!
  4. Man Shadow Creek reminds me of our 2011 team!!! Speed, size and strength all over the field!! God speed Titans
  5. Going to this one since it’s in my part of town so to speak... hear marching heat play June 27th one more time lol... seriously if shadow creek go in it thinking they will lay down, they got a shot IF THEY PLAY WITH THE FIRE AND PASSION THEY PLAYED WITH THIS PAST FRIDAY
  6. 76-0.... I’m going to guess they didn’t even try to stop PAM...
  7. Excellent observation and I’ll say it... Morgan does not fit this team. Kenny has them ready to play and they believed in him. His play calling was questionable at times, but never this bad
  8. I think Kenny got more respect and they played hard for him, despite the fan opinions. I also believe Kenny aka Xbox would not have a qb issue like this either
  9. And for the record, yes I picked Nederland to do well, but I was wrong. Aside me talking about them once or twice, I never was in the fan club, especially PNG....
  10. Cause YALL praising that clown on the sidelines. That staff hasn’t prepared these boys since.... no before the Nederland scrimmage... it’s comical and either y’all really didn’t see this coming, or y’all love him that much or hoping and wishing... I laugh to keep me from showing my anger... I’ll be a man and admit Xbox was a much better fit, aside our personal beef... unless he saw something coming and bailed lol
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