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  1. Congrats to the wildcats they have been improving all year
  2. I will admit aaw you are bias to silsbee on the regular post sometimes, but I respect that you don’t use that bias in your rankings
  3. I know kirbyville scrimmaged rusk Monday and scrimmages nacogdoches tonight
  4. I know kirbyville lost to Hardin. The text I got only said a lot to a little don’t know the exact score
  5. Wos and kirbyville play for the championship
  6. Anybody have all the scores to this one 8 local teams and no thread for it I know kirbyville won both of their games not sure about the rest
  7. Gary is a good team and remember they don’t play football so they have been shooting hoops for a while now, but then again I don’t think Woden plays football either
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