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  1. I just got an update that said 33-10 so what is the score
  2. I know the younger Hickman brother will be a force to come in the next few years
  3. Pretty sure that’s not my brother’s wife
  4. Friendswood has busted it open in the top of the 6th 9-1 I’m starting to lose the broadcast so I’m signing off good luck to friendswood in the next round
  5. After 2 throwing errors on 1 play friendswood scores 2 more 5-1 going to bottom of the 5th. CS coach made a gutsy call to walk maxwell almost had the double play to end the inning but an error cost them
  6. College station scratches a Run after a lead off single 3-1 after 4
  7. FW goes down in order. I like this sidewinder from college station keeping em off balance bottom 4 still 3-0
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