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  1. Let's Geaux Red Birds!!!! #Breakthenewscoach
  2. FYI, News coming soon very soon!! Let's Geaux Dancing !!
  3. Who's ready to Geaux Dancing? It's about to be Geaux Time in Cardinal Land !! #CoachBreakTheNews
  4. All I'm going to say is someone is not happy with the school they attend and is ready to move but I'll wait and let Coach tell you about it !! #dancingshoesareready!! #Bignewssoon!! #GeauxCardinals!!
  5. Get Ready To Geaux Dancing!!! More news coming soon!!! Coach is bringing them in!!!
  6. It ain't time to announce it yet!!! But just wait and see..... #bereadytodance
  7. Wait Just Wait More Surprises Coming!!!! #GetYourDanceShoesReady
  8. Wait For It ! Wait For It ! Wait For It ! #WeBeDancing
  9. Got some Very Exciting news from Silsbee tonight Lamar Fans!! Be ready for the Big Dance!!!!
  10. If what I just Heard is True Lamar will definitely be in the Big Dance This Season!!!! Book your tickets now!!! #waitingonnews #readytodance
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