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  1. Obviously looking at the list Bryan Barbay is hands down number 1 if you do any research. I feel like Allen will do great. I personally am excited about the hire for Kirbyville!
  2. This job has never been closed to re open first round interviews start this week.
  3. Normal process I would assume. Jones isn’t leaving till the end of the year anyways
  4. Previous list from 2018 Aubry, James Bagby, Greg Bass, Zachary Baugh, James "Jim Ed" Beckett, Michael L. Benbow, David Bennett, Jeffrey Blalock, Heath Bowling, Michael Bowman, Barron Brown, Shawn Coleman, Drew Craus, Brandon Davis, John DelPercio, Mark Dever, Kenan Disney, Ryan Chase Dixon, James Ferguson, Jason Funke, Scott Gail, Robert Gain, Michael Harrison, Terrance Hartsell, Lee Haugh, Bryce Houston, Brandon Hubbard, Donald Johnson, Jay Johnson,
  5. Kirbyville needs a game! Our Coming up Monday game was cancelled! Contact Coach Jones.
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