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  1. There is some talk about a jumbo but nothing finalized.
  2. From the wind..... Not gonna happen. Judging from the loyalty Coach Smith shows his QBs I would expect nothing less. Brisbane received a bunch of criticism for last years play but film shows if he has time he is dynamic on the deep ball and with Miller, who is bigger AND faster..... Offensive line development will be the difference as Silsbee will begin filling roles with a heavy OLine class. Look for it all to come together in 2024 if not earlier.
  3. I would expect some running back by committee this year, unless someone just flat steals the role, due to the amount of RBs this year for Silsbee. If nobody seals the role then expect Ford to play a bunch of defense. Just a hunch.
  4. Keep checking my channel as I will keep resetting the stream. Bot 7 Tied @ 3 Tigers strand two as marchand strikes out Simmons to end the threat.
  5. Sorry y'all, having video difficulties. Not much of a signal out here. Top of the 7th: Silsbee - 3 HJ - 3
  6. Broadcast Live!! Hang on for video/audio issues are possible due to weak WiFI. Will do my best!!
  7. Man this sounds SSOOOOO familiar. Oh wait....Silsbee goes through that every year. Lol. Vidor will be fine. Had a good team last year and played very well. Stay strong, love your town, believe in your team but respect the other teams as well when they win. Let each season do it's thing and build from it. Best advice I got. Tiger Nation
  8. I could use some scores on these games to ight on my broadcast!! Any help is appreciated.
  9. Silsbee @ LCM FINAL Silsbee - 2 LCM - 4
  10. Silsbee @ LCM End of 7th: Silsbee - 2 Youngblood singles on a line drive to right field. Dean grounds into fielder’s choice, 2B to SS, Youngblood out advancing to second. Welch walks, advancing to first, Dean advances to second. Dean and Welch advance to second a third on a wild pitch. Johnson grounds out 3B to 1B, Dean scores, Welch advances to third. Sundgren singles on a line drive to left field, advancing to second on a throwing error from 3B, allowing Welch to score. Glaze grounds out, SS to 1B, ending the game. Simmons ends the game with 7 Ks. LCM - 4 Reynolds end the game with 3 Ks.
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