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  1. We appreciate the compliment. Apologize for the player mix-up and will endeavor to do better. I don't remember speaking on transfer players during the broadcast but I will go back and listen just to make sure.
  2. Was that 15-16 season for Mackey or the 14-15 season?
  3. I don't have the all time records but from my limited memory (2000-2021).... Miller may not only set the single season receiving record for Silsbee this year but could in fact eclipse career records for Silsbee receivers in his first season. The closest I know of stats wise to D. Miller this year is K. Barnes (2016-17) and Miller has blown those numbers out the water before the playoffs. I'd have to defer to more seasoned people to clear this up but if the pace continues then no doubt he will be all time leader at Silsbee, if he stays at receiver, by the time he graduates.
  4. That sounds like Silsbee fans every year. Lol. Got me a screen shot… just in case.
  5. 37 Rec / 1013 yds / 13 TDs 15 Total TDS (1 Pass / 1 Rush)
  6. Most prob won't remember but these key plays were unbelievable... 1) Sure INT on 4th Down mishandled and tipped into receivers hands. TD HF 2) Punt - Bad snap to 8 yd line. TD HF 3) Miller w/ INT chance only to be ran into by another player by accident to dislodge ball. 4) HF Fumble - Ruled down 5) HF Fumble - Offsides on kickoff (1 of 3 in game for both 6) Heckaman Sacked/Fumble on 4th Down (Field Goal Attempt?) These were just a few of the plays that happened to keep this game close. I enjoyed calling it.
  7. This might ruffle feathers but... I believe only one of those teams has a (Season) win record over .500 Of course it wont matter wo Silsbee might play if they cant get their offense back on track. Takes points to win in playoffs, usually. Just numbers but some of you wanted some fuel for the thread. lol.
  8. It has been an off year for Silsbee no doubt. Can't really put my finger on anything real specific, but I will mention that the 4th Qtr intensity and focus is missing. I think that takes a clear leader on defense, and right now I don't see that. There are several candidates and I'm waiting, patiently for one of them to take the reins. Sidenote opinion:. I would keep in mind that if Silsbee's offense gets back on track I would not want to play them as a #4 seed. The defense has been steady, if not scary at times with talent. I'll see you on the broadcast folks... Jmo
  9. To clear the question: Questionable Block In the Back Call on play led to a late hit retaliation by BC which in turn led to Another late hit retaliation. There was some scuffling and helmet grabbing but it was broken up quickly. Offsetting personal fouls. Play over. No other incidents.
  10. Update: Kickoff @ 8 PM Broadcast will start @ 7:30 PM Weather Permitting
  11. Also, TexanLive broadcast has been cancelled. Just got this update.
  12. Kickoff Time pushed back. 7:45 Kickoff Start Time Due to Weather
  13. Thanks for the compliment. It can be hard to stay neutral, but we are working on it.
  14. Thanks Aggies. I was just about to post my rough stats and though they were close they were not the same.
  15. I can say that there was a laptop failure last night and it took some time to replace. I've seen it happen.
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