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  1. Been in this area since 97 love high school football I never been able to attend mid county madness tried but couldn't get any tickets. #MOVEITTOLAMAR STADIUM
  2. Well if they go D1 they would probably Play against Atascocita in the first round! Not fair
  3. WB need to do tackling drills! The all around tackling is bad!
  4. WB weakness is they can't stop the run up the middle, that's why I say it's going to be over with in the second quarter. NS easy win
  5. This is sad they treat WB like a step child, nobody with an update!
  6. King defense is good thier front four was stout and they have a safety going to OU! WB wins big!
  7. WB defense can't keep spoting teams points They did that a lot last year, do the defense coaches watch film during the week!
  8. WB defense is young I thought they would come around about now! They defensive coordinator needs to tighten up.
  9. More on PNG alum Roschon Johnson. This comes after Tom Herman called it a "break glass in case of emergency" scenario.

    Texas freshman QB Roschon Johnson was officially moved to third-string running back on Monday, according to my sources. He is expected to play on special teams and receive RB reps against Louisiana Tech in the season opener. Redshirt potential evaluated after first four games - Anwar Richardson, Orangebloods.com

  10. I wasn't going to say anything about the QB position, because after three years of L'Raven we got spoiled. This QB is far from him.
  11. Who will be WB Running back this year?
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