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  1. The PNGINDIANS web page has all of the stats including the PA and PF and everything common opponents someone on here took a snippet of info and shared it. Not all of us Indian fans are bad fans. Most of us are realistic but we do love our team. Just like everyone else should. 

    1. prepballfan


      By the way have safe travels and best of luck Friday. Our Indians are growing more dynamic each week on offense. We have only 6 seniors starting this year. Amazingly enough the whole O line is underclassmen. Our biggest weakness isnt our defense its our youth. We are a very young team. Some of the guys on here from PNG who are hating on their own team is due to kiddos being on the team. I know we are far and away underdogs in this game. If you guys can stop Trahan who is truly an amazing RB we will be in trouble. Crippen is hot and cold. When he is on he is a great QB the question is if he is on???? We will see. I do not see much of a way for us to stop Crosbys offense so we have to keep the ball away from them. When you are the team coming up with extenuating plans u are the

      Common District Opponents PNG   Crosby  
      Opponent   Diff   Diff
      Dayton 42-35 +7 52-21 +31
      Barbers Hill 49-35 +14 53-46 +7
      Kingwood Park 56-40 +20 67-13 +54
      Average Score 49-37 +12 57-27 +30
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