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  1. Dayton had a QB on the freshman team that looked really good. He had size,speed, and a very good arm. I really expected him to take over the varsity spot before season ended but he disappeared about halfway through the season. Rumor was he quit but I never heard the reason. Not sure if he will be back or not. The JV QB had lots of heart and played hard every down but didn't seem to have the ability of the freshman QB.
  2. Will be up there all four days watching the games, can't wait!
  3. Looks like Liberty Hill didn't read the Crosby thread on this game that they couldn't compete.
  4. Thanks for update....for some reason I can't get on football Friday to get score.
  5. The good old days 😁. We are also losing a couple of really good recievers and a couple of very good defensive athletes to graduation. I think if the q.b. has a decent game and they get #5 involved early it will be close the first half, after that..??. I do know that Dayton will be playing hard and not give up.
  6. QB and RB are both seniors if I'm not mistaken.
  7. had the Liberty games on last year......not sure about this year though.
  8. Maybe next Dayton can hire the OC from Santa Fe (no offense intended Santa Fe) for the HC position.
  9. Not sure which one Dayton needs worse a Coach or a QB.
  10. A football coach cussing in front of players heaven forbid!!! If a player can’t take that he sure couldn’t have made it 20,30,40...yrs. ago....JMO.
  11. LOL .....I'm sure that cleared it up for him.
  12. That's one opinion......I've seen better clock management and getting the plays in on time in the peewee leagues.
  13. Too much talent on this team to have this kind of record. #8 has been very impressive, hope he gets an offer somewhere.
  14. That would have worked, but I can’t believe they didn’t put the ball in #5’s hands
  15. I agree ......there was definitely enough time on the clock when Dayton took over on downs at the end. Those coaches acted like they had never been in that situation. And they were LATE with the plays the whole game.
  16. And to think that Dayton is paying for a separate AD and a HC for that kind of coaching performance.
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