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  1. Thanks for update....for some reason I can't get on football Friday to get score.
  2. The good old days 😁. We are also losing a couple of really good recievers and a couple of very good defensive athletes to graduation. I think if the q.b. has a decent game and they get #5 involved early it will be close the first half, after that..??. I do know that Dayton will be playing hard and not give up.
  3. QB and RB are both seniors if I'm not mistaken.
  4. had the Liberty games on last year......not sure about this year though.
  5. Maybe next Dayton can hire the OC from Santa Fe (no offense intended Santa Fe) for the HC position.
  6. Not sure which one Dayton needs worse a Coach or a QB.
  7. A football coach cussing in front of players heaven forbid!!! If a player can’t take that he sure couldn’t have made it 20,30,40...yrs. ago....JMO.
  8. LOL .....I'm sure that cleared it up for him.
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