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  1. Hope you are correct but word is he's here for the long haul. I think if he was only here for a year they would have placed him as an assistant principle or such so they could offer the AD and HC as a package. JMO
  2. And the taxpayers get to pay for 2 positions so the click can keep Nations around
  3. Not sure if that's going to happen or not, RUMOR has it that some of the coaches have already been told they can stay....not a good sign if true.
  4. All I’ve heard is that they are still looking at candidates.
  5. Wow .....and you think he’s the best candidate to pull us out of this black hole we are in? That’s just more of the same ol click.
  6. Absolutely correct I watched the Dugats all through peewee ball in Dayton
  7. I wouldn’t cast the net too wide on that statement, there were lots of folks upset with that hire especially considering the level of talented coaches that applied for the position. Most if not all of the folks that were “high” on hiring Nations have since disappeared from this site.
  8. My apologies if someone has already answered this .......who’s home team?
  9. Sorry .....cannot expand on it at this time ....but IF they succeed in hiring who their 1st choice is this may turn out well after all IMO.
  10. Wouldn’t surprise me if they make someone currently on the Dayton coaching staff HC
  11. The talk is that Nations will remain as AD and there will be a new HC.......smdh
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