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  1. The talk is that Nations will remain as AD and there will be a new HC.......smdh
  2. IMO........ it's not going to happen under this regime, the house needs to be cleaned and someone brought in from outside the current group.
  3. Yep it says a lot about those young men not giving up under the circumstances
  4. Bad part is, I think it’s entirely possible that there is no change made for next year OR minimal change is made w/ someone already on the staff becoming HC w/ Nations staying AD. I really hope that’s not the case but at this point it would not surprise me. I also wonder that after the powers that be have hired an insider 2 times in a row after posting the job what the quality of applicants will be like.
  5. I agree but I also think they are going to have to get away from this “new” offense they are trying to run to have a chance to make this a game.
  6. Absolutely, but those boys are still playing hard and with a lot of heart though. I also believe there is more talent on this team than in recent years past.
  7. What are you in middle school? Little early to be on your parents computer isn’t it?
  8. I don’t recall predicting that, I’ve said Broncos will be lucky to win a game this year, but maybe you will have 2 games you can brag about!!
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