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  1. But still scored 100. I watch it and was impressed with Yates defense.
  2. You would have to think that Yates won the flip and wanted it.
  3. Yes and if Bush didn’t have 30 points y’all would have loss by 15.
  4. It would be funny if they go further than Silsbee and HJ in the playoffs.
  5. Yes maybe with their starting QB. But I think NS wins now
  6. Sounds like they have a football program.
  7. Great season And comeback Tigers. Wimberley tried their best to lose the game.
  8. Anyone who goes to state or wins state will along the way have the ball bounce their way and a little luck on their side too. Like the two point conversion and the fake punt that the WOS defender fails down. Even wos had it when they won state those 4 times Good luck Tigers. Hope Texan Live has the game, I’ll be watching
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