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  1. I remember when HD used to be a local powerhouse though they get smashed in the playoffs.
  2. Stump beat NS when he was at WB in 2009.
  3. Called this. Huntsville doesn't have the dogs to stop Hornsby and Achane.
  4. Barbers Hill can't match Manvel's speed. Manvel churns out D1 recruits every year...BH not so much.
  5. Hornsby and Achane will be too much for Huntsville's defense after watching them against Crosby
  6. This has been a thing for decades. I remember Cosch Stump holding it up after we won a bi-district playoff game and were heading back to the locker room. We had fun with it for a few minutes then moved on.
  7. That being said Wheatley had William Jackson III who plays for the Bengals now a few years ago. Kid literally only came off the field at halftime and the end of the game. Of course guys like him are an outlier at a lot of HISD schools except for Lamar, Bellaire, Westside and Heights. But yeah I feel for thise kids
  8. Adding onto this, high school students in HISD can transfer to Lamar, Bellaire or Westside if their zoned school has a failing grade. This is why those 3 HISD schools tend to not only have way nore support but better football teams
  9. Jason Gooch, just looked it up! Looks like he had a solid career there
  10. I have never seen a player of theirs have stars on 247, Rivals or ESPN. Correct me if I'm wrong. Even Bridge City put a kid into New Mexico many years ago.
  11. Hornsby and Achane is too much for PNG to handle.
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