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  1. Kelly's freshman qb may very well be a 4 or 5 star recruit by his senior year
  2. Brook will get the 4th spot at worst. They actually win games on that side of town.
  3. This thread is about football. Whether this thread is made or not, it's still an elephant in the room to people outside of SETX who arent familiar with the change that's gone on there. Pretending it isn't there won't change anything. That said, many people are talking about this Crosby vs Vidor rivalry which is pretty interesting. I never knew Crosby was afraid of The Slot-T offense.
  4. I have always wondered if it's difficult to get non-district games? Especially at home given the reputation of the town regardless of how outdated it may be. Anybody in the know who could answer this?
  5. South Houston is almost never good. Is Santa Fe that bad or has that side of Pasadena received an influx of talent?
  6. Brook needs a better offense than just letting Bryce make something happen.
  7. Heights is one of the better HISD programs. Good win for BH.
  8. Langston apparently got his offense from Bishop Sycamore
  9. The only HISD schools that are competitive in football outside of playing each other are Lamar, Bellaire, Westside and Heights.
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