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  1. My bad 2012 or whatever year that was PAM lost to Steele.
  2. Same ol XBox Kenny. Surprised he didnt get a championship in 2013.
  3. A lot of people on this board, mostly those in the small SETX towns believe that Trump is their god. So this is no surprise here. Just golden calf idolatry.
  4. Winning breeds winning. There's a reason why elementary and middle schoolers in Beaumont want to be Bruins whether they're zoned to Brook or not.
  5. Who you got? Going to state is a literal expectation at Aledo. Anything short of that is a complete disappointment.
  6. Who you got? Liberty Hill is a really tough, seasoned program. They will be the toughest team Crosby has faced this season.
  7. He has some nice offers for football and basketball. He needs to realize that they aren't going to tolerate that at the D1 level.
  8. Before the new zoning rules, a lot of Brook's talent was zoned to go to Central and Ozen. That's a big reason why the Bruins were so dominant in the 2000s and 2010s.
  9. This isnt the Marshall teams with Hornsby and Achane, both of whom are playing SEC ball now. Nederland has a chance but it won't be an easy game. Marshall is still good.
  10. And now Anderson is hurt. Good lord, I hope he is okay.
  11. Stump's defense looked like the 85 Bears or 75 Steelers compared to whats out there now
  12. I miss the Stump West Brook teams that played some great defense. Especially the 2009-2010 squad that pitched like 3 consecutive shutouts.
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