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  1. It's been done before albeit rarely.
  2. Hes former SHSU star qb Brian Bell. He just turned 30 actually. Took over the team fresh outta college.
  3. I noticed nobody in this thread has mentioned he made The Big 12 All-Academic team. I wonder why?
  4. He has the talent to walk-on at a lot of D1 schools as well. So that's also a potential option.
  5. Winner faces Austin LBJ/Fredericksburg winner
  6. Peavy is a miracle worker. 4 rounds deep with LCM....yes THAT LCM.
  7. Peavey is a miracle worker. LCM will probably beat WOS next year
  8. All of this racket just to get destroyed by Manvel next week.
  9. Brook could go 1-9 every year and that 1 win will always come against BU. There are three guarantees in life. Death, Taxes and West Brook beating Beaumont United in football.
  10. I really hurt his feelings lmao. Tbh with yall, I completely forget about @BMTSoulja1 until he tags me in a post EVERY week.
  11. Let's see how United does in 6A assuming they don't chicken out and find a way to stay in 5A. Brook needs to figure out the quarterback situation since both Anderson and Briscoe will be gone.
  12. United still lost to Brook and played a soft schedule. Big difference between playing North Shore and Atascocita-type schools every week vs playing Baytown Sterling and Galveston Ball.
  13. When did Cleveland grow so big? They had like 800 kids 10 years ago.
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