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  1. Jason Gooch, just looked it up! Looks like he had a solid career there
  2. I have never seen a player of theirs have stars on 247, Rivals or ESPN. Correct me if I'm wrong. Even Bridge City put a kid into New Mexico many years ago.
  3. Hornsby and Achane is too much for PNG to handle.
  4. As a UH alum and actual decent human being, I can safely say there is no coach that's a bigger slimeball than Briles. That man will do anything short of sleeping with the fishes to win at football.
  5. Yes. As a former West Brook player. This is very true, Coach Lou was definitely respected.
  6. Back in the Stump era, the excuse was that all of the talent from the North End and Pear Orchard were transferring to West Brook. Flanigan teams were OK and the zoning rules have changed, so that's not a critch anymore. Brook is poised to make another run for state. United has talent without a doubt but for some reason the struggle continues. Is it the coaching? Central and Ozen rivalry mentality still exists? Something isn't right here.
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