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  1. Same can be said for when you go to other locations as well.
  2. How did BH get dragged into this conversation?
  3. Better study up.....sucker is tough from what I’ve heard.
  4. For curiosity ... what were the outcomes of the LCM/Port Arthur Sub varsity games played this morning. i think it is awesome to included the sub-varsities in the classic.
  5. I see this is going nowhere. FYI Mr. Inexperienced.... who has gray hairs😳
  6. Please explain how this is your reasoning for different basketball/football districts. How many players it takes to fill spots is not a determining factor in putting basketball/football districts together. Please explain Sub-Varsity coach 😳
  7. There is a reason why you are a JV Coach.... Your logic is is wayyyyy off!!!!!’
  8. Was being sarcastic about Dayton. No chance at all to win this tourney.
  9. Dayton should run away with this being they are a 5A school playing against 2A/3A. Never have I seen a 5A school play so many lower classification schools. Moral victories I guess.
  10. 5A/6a schools that don’t do spring ball can start 2 a-days early as well
  11. Small schools also don't have the number of coaches as the larger classifications. Many of the Larger classifications have coordinators that don't coach a 2nd sport. They can organize practices in the spring and utilize the coaches that don't have spring sports to coach. Smaller classifications don't have that luxury.
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