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  1. Kilgore usually is pretty salty. Not sure about this year.
  2. What district championship game? What mediocre team?
  3. Wow. Manvel must be taking the Bulldogs to The woodshed
  4. That’s right.... with the financial difficulties from last year they had to removed the press box. Guess I will sit in seat 5 row 4 .
  5. I will be in the press box with the high rollers.
  6. GURU...aka amateur... is from Crosby. Don't think they have built an Indoor. Must have $$$$$$ to do that.
  7. Finally, Don't have to read your amateur opinions.
  8. Nope , just a football fan. I’m sure you would stand out in a crowd.
  9. How comical. So you’ve already been told by the ADMINISTRATION that you cannot dictate who can and cannot talk to you. I was asking rhetorical question to the membership . But if you would like to explain to the membership on how you can score 600 yds of offense I’m sure they want to hear your explanation. I might just come to the Crosby game Friday and sit by you. I’m sure you wouldn’t be hard to figure out. Please don’t report me for making conversation.
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