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  1. Some districts in the Greater Houston Area have yet to announce their decisions. Maybe they were waiting on the Gov. announcement to proceed with their plans.
  2. Ok ..... I’ll bite... Why are they targeting coaches? What are the so called reasons?
  3. Shouldn’t that be a question for Crosby?
  4. Congrats HF.... Your tough district prepared you. Huffmans district did them no favors.
  5. Huffman will have a Hard time with Hamshire Fannett
  6. I understand dunks bring excitement to the game... but in the end they still count 2 points just like a simple layup....:)
  7. 😳..... 1st walk off of the season.
  8. A Scrimmage win.....awesome
  9. Wow.... 16 points for Dayton. Has to be lowest point total in a Varsity boys game this year.
  10. Looks like BH’s best player did other things to help her team win. That’s what good players do. She contributed to her team with a Tank half full!!!!
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