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  1. Last year they were VERY BAD. This year just BAD. So yes.... I guess some improvement has happened.
  2. Those refs were bad tonight. Must have been Hardin County refs
  3. One thing about Crosby. They ain’t afraid to schedule tough opponents. Looks like BH and PNG have done the same. Crosby ,along with BH and PNG look to be the favorites
  4. Wonder what the excuse will be for this week for HD🤔
  5. Just confirmed. The same crew from the Deweyville game was picked for this game back in the summer. I got this from people with insider information. Too grass field or not , Evadale rolls in this one. Let the excuses begin. FYI: one of the horseman must sit in the stable for a half.
  6. I’ll take Evadale. Hope the Deweyville officiating crew gets this game.
  7. They are still protesting games they lost 4-5 years ago
  8. If you can beat HD at the Best Grass Field in America AAW will put you in his Ranking
  9. Put it this way. PAM has played waaaaaaaaay better competition.
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