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  1. I don't think he has to sit out. I could be wrong however.
  2. You guys are funny. Laurel and Hardy at their best. Watched BH in person and on TexanLive. Personal fouls and unsportsmanlike penalties called on both teams in most of the games I have seen no matter what teams were playing. Doesnt mean they are a dirty team.
  3. Your answer is....When a QB named McCown moves in you instantly get better, plus they have a good coaching staff.
  4. Rusk QB is the best they will see in District. Put him on the Carthage team and it would be a nightmare for any team
  5. Damn the sarcasm…. Crosby by a Ton
  6. Just watched Texan Live… having a hard time seeing the dirty hits. On the 2nd Crosby TD I did see the block By #2. Borderline block in the back but a 50/50 call none the less. #2 does get his clock cleaned, but he looked to be standing over the player he blocked , which by the rule is taunting . So he could have been flagged for that
  7. Rusk is good. QB can sling it. Dad, Josh McCown is a coach on staff. Seen them in person. Defense has allowed some points ,but boy can they put up points in a hurry offensively!!!!
  8. I would like to think that their coaches wouldn't be stomping on a logo. So I guess when SMU attempted to plant a flag on TCU's field 2 weeks ago was ok. Clearly was planned and known about by members of their coaching staff.
  9. Never once on Texan Live did I see what you were referring to and I watched the entire game as well. Kids will be kids. Adults should know better. There are some good guys coaching at Crosby and BH with lots of experience. They should lead by example for the kids and just as important they should lead by example for the younger coaches. Not sure what coaches were on the Logo stomping up and down. If it was Prieto then shame on him.
  10. Show video of the flexing after the hits your referring to. If it is there then I agree with you 100%.
  11. More like they have over 9K people in Bay City without power. Kinda hard to have school without power.
  12. 1. Magnolia/College Station 2. Magnolia West/Lufkin 3. Porter/New Caney 4. Waller/Cleveland 5. Conroe/Summer Creek 6. Barbers Hill/Houston Heights 7. Goose Creek Memorial/Dayton 8. PA Memorial/Crosby 9. PN-G/Tomball 10. Baytown Lee/Lumberton 11. Silsbee/Nederland 12. Huffman/Bridge City 13. Vidor/Brazosport 14. Livingston/Orangefield 15. Buna/Hardin-Jefferson 16. Diboll/Liberty 17. East Chambers/Hamshire-Fannett 18. Newton/Kirbyville 19. Woodville/Corrigan-Camden 20. Hemphill/West Sabine 21. War
  13. 1. Tomball Memorial/West Brook 2. Barbers Hill/PA Memorial 3. North Shore/Klein Collins 4. Atascocita/Allen 5. Kingwood Park/New Caney 6. Manvel/Crosby 7. United/PN-G 8. Bellaire Episcopal/Vidor 9. Jasper/Silsbee 10. LC-M/WO-S 11. Lumberton/Coldspring 12. Shepherd/Kirbyville CANCELED 13. East Chambers/Hardin-Jefferson 14. Orangefield/Woodville 15. Tarkington/Bridge City 16. Buna/Hemphill CANCELED 17. Newton/Diboll CANCELED 18. Evadale/Warren 19. Hull-Daisetta/Hardin 20. West Hardin/Kountze
  14. Houston ISD will cancel lots of games in the coming weeks
  15. 1. North Shore/Shadow Creek 2. United/West Brook 3. Lancaster/PA Memorial 4. Katy Paetow/Barbers Hill 5. Jasper/PN-G 6. WO-S/Nederland 7. Liberty/Huffman 8. LC-M/Hamshire-Fannett 9. Lumberton/H. Waltrip 10. Silsbee/Vidor 11. Hardin-Jefferson/Coldspring 12. Shepherd/Tarkington 13. Anahuac/Orangefield 14. Bridge City/Buna 15. Crockett/Corrigan-Camden 16. Hardin/Kountze 17. Kirbyville/Hemphill 18. Woodville/Newton 19. Deweyville/West Hardin 20. San Augustine/West Sabine 21. Somerville/Hull-Daisetta
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