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  1. Sorry, High school : AP - 5011 yards one playoff victory. More yards per game for sure. Earl - 2565 yds 1 state championship Eric - 5877 1 state championship Again I agree with AP and Earl I just don't know how you choose between the best.
  2. I agree with the two running backs, however there has to be 3 : Eric Dickerson from Sealy. More rushing yards in college than both, more college tds, 13,259 yards in 11 years , AP 14,216 in 13 years, 2105 yards in one season. I would not take Earl or AP off the list, just add ED.
  3. the story said that they had a running clock in the second half of all blowouts.
  4. Those coaches that are mad are babies! Starters don’t play in 4th quarter. How many complaining milked the play clock every play?
  5. I would say top three in no order: Kevin Smith, Little Joe, and Matt Bryant. My heart still says Eric Alexander! Switches to lb and was second leading tackler on National Championship LSU team and won a super bowl with Patriots. Made a tackle on 2 yard line to preserve the undefeated season.
  6. just answer everything like a liberal would😂!
  7. Seems like the uil would have to pay for the semi final locations as well.
  8. Practice times dont really even out. You get 15 practices in the spring versus one week if you dont do spring ball.
  9. One problem would be hurting the Spring sports at smaller schools. You could start Spring ball after all sports are through except playoff participants.
  10. It looks like a small college. I was just up there driving around it
  11. Vidor vs Calallen 4A semifinals game lasts a total of one hour and 15 minutes.
  12. looks like closest district game would be 82 miles to groveton! All others 100+ miles
  13. Was at the Smithville/Sweeny game. Sweeny came out in second half and decided to run at them. Smithville had a hard time with power run game. Sweeny never stopped Smithville. Zone read, qb iso and sweep, jets, play action passes.
  14. Addendum: What if you publicly criticize the previous staff and then proceed to lose more games and scoring margin skyrockets.
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