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  1. Was at the Smithville/Sweeny game. Sweeny came out in second half and decided to run at them. Smithville had a hard time with power run game. Sweeny never stopped Smithville. Zone read, qb iso and sweep, jets, play action passes.
  2. Addendum: What if you publicly criticize the previous staff and then proceed to lose more games and scoring margin skyrockets.
  3. So, in a small school (no spring football), how long does it take for a football program to be considered the new head coach's? For example, if you come in the previous April , does it take a full year before the new head coach gets the Credit/blame?
  4. LT, I can agree with you. However, I teach in Alief and that word,with the a, is used by 80% of our students: Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, African, Korean, Vietnamese, Pacific Islanders, etc. I do not allow it in my class room, but you should hear it in the halls.
  5. Not even a topic yet? Who takes this one?
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