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  1. As we start the 2020-2021 season with our football and volleyball players taking to the field and the court tomorrow, we need to realize what we have been given. We have been given a gift......a gift to play, coach, and follow high school football and volleyball. While some might think it should be a given, other states have shown, whether you agree or not, that it is not. By the dialogue on here, that gift is a very precious one, but is also a very fragile one. A gift that can be destroyed by a single misstep by a player, coach, staff member, member of the player's family or even
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  2. WOSgrad


    The moral of this story.....if you are fortunate enough to go to a game this weekend.......SPREAD OUT AND WEAR A DAMNED MASK!!! I know that there are many who think that this is being overblown and this is some vast government conspiracy to scare us into compliance. I don't care.....SPREAD OUT AND WEAR A DAMNED MASK!!! There are some who say that these rules don't consider the current science. I don't care.....SPREAD OUT AND WEAR A DAMNED MASK!!! I know that there are many who don't like masks because they are uncomfortable! I don't care......SPREAD OUT AND WEAR A DAMNED MASK!
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  3. SmashMouth

    Christ is Risen!

    To ALL the High School Football posters on here, Happy Easter!
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  4. Who do you mean by "every body?" 32 of the 36 pick 'em contestants (88%) picked WO-S. Of the 14 who ventured a guess in the prediction thread, 11 picked WO-S. Tepper, on his weekly video, picked WO-S in this game. I didn't see who Stepp picked. So before you make bold, and WRONG, statements like you did above, you may want to invest in a little bit of reading. BTW, does anybody use a freaking period anymore?
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  5. MrUmp1

    WOS @ Newton Who you got

    Say what you want, but this is old time high school football. Two good teams playing on a grass field with a crown, small stadium and rabid fans. These kind of games are the seeds of Texas High School Football that are where all the big mega stadiums and huge crowds come from.
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  6. Isn't dancing on the grave of a team that your team had nothing to do with burying so fun!? Even leaving out Carthage, I just wonder how those that are accusing WO-S faithful of using the "excuse card" would have reacted had the shoe been on the other foot tonight and it would have been China Spring with the 6 starters, including the offensive line......the......entire.......offensive line and the Mustangs came out victorious. Actually, I don't have to wonder that much as those same folks would have flooded the board with comments such as "well, you beat a team that had 6 starters out wh
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  7. WOSgrad


    No, maybe it is best that you stay home.
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  8. ......some lightening up... Teacher asked the class to use the word fascinate in a sentence. Sally: We went to my uncle's farm and saw some goats. They were fascinating. Teacher: That's good Sally, but I asked you to use the word fascinate, not fascinating. Molly: Our family went to Rock City. We were fascinated. Teacher: That's good Molly, but I asked you to use the word fascinate, not fascinated. Little Johnny had his hand up, but the teacher knew she has been burned by little Johnny before. She finally decided that even little Johnny could not burn her with the
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  9. I dream of waking up and seeing a similar thread but with another coach.
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  10. DP#1FAN

    HD vs WH

    I think all our schools in the area have had alot to deal with (covid, storms, etc). I'm proud of all the schools for dressing out and playing with what you got. One thing is true "We are South East Texas Strong!"
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  11. TxHoops

    Hamshire-Fannett HC open

    I think they have their answer...
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  12. LC-M

    Coaching Carosel

    If he leaves this will be the 2nd coach from Bisd to come this way. Maybe we will get some student transfers we are open enrollment with a small fee. If your real good you can use my address lol.
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  13. I hate when people say bad move and lateral move, maybe that is where he wants to coach, maybe LCM has been his dream job, Maybe that is where he wants his kids to go to school, Maybe that is where he wants to live. You never know what a coach is thinking but I can guarantee he will do what is best for his personal family
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  14. Yeah , if you try to put to much common sense into it you’ll be wrong. 😃. Texas City would interesting. Oh and forgot Crosby doesn’t have to sweat Vidor anymore! Coogs your free!!!
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  15. Barbers Hill and Crosby disappointed me the most by beating PNG.
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  16. You folks stating that this years QB is the same as boy wonder need to lay off the juice. No way this kid is even in the same league Roschon. Be honest Indians if Roschon would have been on that field last night he would have put this team on his back and dragged y’all to a win. I know you are supporting your QB this year, but it seems disrespectful to the young man in Austin that made you guys the last 4 years to act like he was replaced by the next in line.
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